Top 10 Minecraft CREATURE Mods – 2019

January 4, 2019 by 50 Comments

Minecraft mobs are, well, pretty boring! These 10 mods will add many new mobs to your game that you will definitely enjoy. All these mods are updated to the newest version currently possible. If you enjoy the video, be sure to leave a like, comment, and subscribe!



#10 (Familiar Fauna) –

#9 (Zoocraft Discoveries) –

#8 (Better Animals Plus) –

#7 (Ice and Fire) –

#6 (Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt) –

#5 (JurassiCraft) –

#4 (Exotic Birds) –

#3 (Animania) –

#2 (Lycanites Mobs) –

#1 (Mo’ Creatures) –


Minecraft Forge –


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50 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft CREATURE Mods – 2019”

  1. One mod I definitely missed, Mowzie's Mobs. Check it out!

  2. I really want lycanite mobs but when I have it, it causes huge tick lag spikes up to 900. Without it I get around 20

  3. jdsaunders12 says:

    Ice and fire, isn’t for the latest version of minecraft during 2019. It’s 1.12. 1.14 is the latest for minecraft during 2019

  4. Minezilla says:

    What versions are these mods updated

  5. How to fix this mod Lycanites Mobs lags my game.

  6. Coral049 says:

    "Who doesn't what dinosaurs in the game?"
    Me, wanna know why?
    Killing machines

  7. Sodko says:


  8. Manfred says:

    the reason why i dont use mo creatures is that it doesnt work with biomes o plenty

  9. Keetled says:

    Really thank you, I really like such mods. You did a great job as you found many of them👍

  10. fearodactyl says:

    JurassiCraft for Minecraft 1.8 has a bunch of dinosaurs in it, and it even gives the player the ability to make the hybrid dinosaur from the Jurassic World movie. After the JurassiCraft 2.0 update, they removed a bunch of the dinosaurs, including the hybrid dinosaur. If you’re going to make play JurassiCraft, go with the Minecraft 1.8 version. I believe it’s still available for download.

  11. I check almost daily to see if any of them has been updated for 1.15.2. But all great mods are left behind

  12. "wow these bird models are the best" WHERE YOU EVEN LOOKING AT JurassiCraft!?

  13. hxruki says:

    So I installed Mo'Creatures (and the other mod that it requires), it worked, but, when I tried to spawn a random animal it was just invisible. I could hear it and hit it, but it was invisible, I cannot see it. I don't have any texture packs on tho. Also, I thought it was mod conflicts so I got rid of all the mods I had on, only keeping Mo'Creatures, and the mobs was still invisible. I tried creating new worlds, same thing.

  14. Trekith says:

    0:00 "Hey guys welcome back to another video, today I'm back with another video"

  15. Dawg Craft says:

    AsianHalfSquat: Lycanites Mobs doesn't look quite like minecraft, they look a little bit different.
    Me: Looks at lycanites mobs and sees a circle.
    Me: Cursed

  16. Is there any dinosaur mods for 1.7.10?

  17. LukaKalu says:

    I have a problem with Mo' Creatures. When i download it in 1.12.2 , they are just invisible. Please help.

  18. Why is there no Fossils and Archeology Revival? WHYYYY!!!???

  19. Duskears says:

    I always get my hopes up watching videos like this. Then I check and none of the mods have updated to 1.14 let alone 1.15 *sigh*………………

  20. nameless says:

    me : i'll just get all of them

  21. charlie wu says:

    There is a 2.0 ver of jc,it adds in about 100 dinos!

  22. SYM says:

    Would’ve thought fossils and archaeology mod would be in the list It has about 50 dinosaur and mammals

  23. rodent lover says:


  24. Commentboy says:

    1:16 "let's be honest, who hasn't wanted dragons in minecraft"

    Ender dragon: *cries in dragon*

  25. 2:53 "not quite" … "a bit different" ……

  26. mo creatures is broken, all the mobs are invisable!!

  27. Zomlom Gamer says:

    Do they spawn naturaly

  28. Frost Rusher says:

    Mo Creatures is great except it only adds mobs. Not really much except mobs.

  29. Squat: the thing holding Jurassicraft back is the lack of variety
    Fossils and Archeology: am I a joke to you?

  30. John Cabulao says:

    The lycanites mod is pretty cool but sometimes dangerous

  31. Nova750 says:

    who else is thinking of rlcraft lol

  32. Lycanites bosses be like
    Amalgalich: Consumption of all creatures and replenish health
    Asmodeus: U gotta kill my lil minion bois otherwise I'm invincible
    Rahovart: Fire wall go instant kill

  33. the kiwi spawn egg in the exotic birds mod is the same colour as kiwifruit and i'm not too sure how i feel about that

  34. Riolume says:

    Too bad mo' creatures is broken in 1.12. Its hard to find a mod like it

  35. Ghost says:

    The way you made the thumbnail, I thought It was some old Popularmmos Mod showcase video.

  36. Dino Games says:

    jurassicraft has a lot of dinosaurs but to get the other dinosaurs you need to pay money

  37. ThatGuyJay says:

    Umm. Do you know any 1.14 animal mods?

  38. Jaxnoder says:

    Need these for the morph mod

  39. thank you to mods 🙂

  40. I have the Mo'creatures and Animania mod, they're cool !

  41. winterpauluk says:

    looking for 1.16.2 forge mods to add to the sea land and air any suggestions

  42. Jaiden says:

    Asianhalfsquad: “Who doesn’t want dinosaurs, they’re pretty huge and scary…..”

  43. i love your videos so much. when ever you do a mod review you know what you're doing, go over them quick with lots of detail and gameplay, and overall they're just g o o d. tysm for existing


  45. I'm ok with less mobs in these mods, as i'm more concerne with how well my pc would perform and not lag with these mods added in. So im looking for mods that don't take up too much space.