150 Caliber Round vs Water Heater – Waterjet Channel

February 1, 2019 by 35 Comments

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Ever wonder what’s inside an old water heater? We launch a 150 caliber projectile to find out. The cross section was pretty cool.

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35 Replies to “150 Caliber Round vs Water Heater – Waterjet Channel”

  1. Looks like a grenade launcher bullet

  2. Hentai Neko says:

    0/10 not enough circles

  3. YARIK Chuvak says:

    Someone make a list (in the reply’s) of things this guy licks

  4. i Scream says:

    the best AD of the dollar shave club xD



  7. Can the abrasive be recycled and used again ?

  8. svd_bailey says:

    Have you tried rifling the barrel so that it flies straight

  9. Colin Farrar says:

    This reminds me of the little tracker with the red blinking light in the interview that Seth Rogan shoved in his ass.

  10. Cendicate .L says:

    Smoothest handoff ever

  11. Bob Johnson says:

    Hold the camera closer to your faces guys….smh.

  12. Those are some nice circles

  13. Yondu_Udonta says:

    Post malone would like to know your location

  14. Their next video at a school 👮‍♀️👮‍♂️👮👮‍♀️👮‍♂️👮👮‍♀️👮‍♂️👮

  15. Crow Manson says:

    You guys made the metal version of a rubber bullet. It needs to be pointed a little bit more in order not to bounce off stuff. Still perfectly legal though. I know there is laws and requirements to make your own bullets, but the only one I actually know of is that you have to register your bullet with the nra or what not by sending in a bullet that is exactly like the ones you made so they can test it and record it so if there’s any problem in the future like unidentifiable bullets in the murder or untagged game they have the identity of the bullet used, and the records of who made it. A run on sentence but oh well.

  16. Noah Kuzel says:

    Grain weight is 8148

  17. Heika says:

    I'm curious what the thickest kind of steel you guys can cut through is

  18. TheCheneral says:

    Everyone gangsta until the 150 caliber round gets racked into the shotgun

  19. David J says:

    That sudden cut to Mitchell going at the water heater like the Doomslayer chainsawing a demon was perfect

  20. side walls might as well be made outta paper with that size bullet

  21. 6:05 Minecraft villager, is that you?

  22. Jack Woerl says:

    What do you guys actually do there?

  23. hey guys i made a half inch cannon with 145 psi behind it and im not sure if going bigger will do much

  24. Jacob F says:

    You made a tank round.

  25. Jacob Moua says:

    Imagine the penetration if you swapped the air pressurizer power with actual gun powder to propel the bullet

  26. stacey dyer says:

    Why does it cost

  27. John Weber says:

    I’d always wondered what actually happened where you worked, circles was not what I expected

  28. hype Gator says:

    Needs to be pointed at the tip, it will help with penetration.

  29. X N says:

    legionella and other bacteria grow in the bottom of water heater tanks. probably wouldn't have recommended licking that lime and calcium deposit. lol


  31. Make a bullet out of a bullet

  32. Pookie2112 says:

    what does the people do with circles?:

  33. That bullet is just about the size of a 50mm anti-tank round from ww2.