Create a Wi-Fi Controlled Relay Using aRest & NodeMCU [Tutorial]

February 18, 2019 by 26 Comments

How to Power Lights with a NodeMCU & aRest
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Creating an easy to control power relay that operates over WI-Fi sounds much more complicated than it really is. With just a few inexpensive supplies, one can turn a simple ESP8266 and relay into a power switch that can control just about anything over any of your devices. We’ll show you how to create one of these on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.


Recommended Products:

– NodeMCU CP2102:
– D1 Mini:
– Solderless breadboard kit:
– One-channel relay module:
– Micro-USB cable:
– Resistors:
– 5V power supply:
– Power adapter:

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26 Replies to “Create a Wi-Fi Controlled Relay Using aRest & NodeMCU [Tutorial]”

  1. Steve says:

    uh OH he got his sweater on , that Girl With The Dragon Tattoo themed wallpaper is fresh, I think you have a lot of younger viewers they probably don't even have any idea what that is lol. I haven't watched the newer movie yet just the first few minutes. Maybe I will do that tonight … I like the hardware video's I have said that, "hacking isn't all zipbombs" -Kody K . With everything becoming smart and or automated even homes this type of knowledge should become part of anyones arsenal. The most vulnerable items in any home or office are the iot devices.

  2. Hydrashock says:

    Always good stuff.. When are you gonna get your Twint on for us all. :g:

  3. Mr Smith says:


    Turn that frown upside down
    Listen here you little shit

  4. Lukas Oliver says:

    Is that a macbook on your table? I am asking since ur screenrecording is on osx, but tha laptop doesn't look like a mac

  5. This channel is power of knowledge. Thanks

  6. Luca says:

    Can you do some smart home hacking ( I don’t know how to call this)

  7. PASTRAMIKick says:

    Jesus you didn't put a resistor in series with the LED that's gonna reduce your LEDs life significantly.

  8. Hi Kodi. Can you make a tutorial on setting VNC on raspberry pi on kali Linux. Sorry for bad English. 😁

  9. Anyone tried this… I would like to do it for college project purpose..

  10. Andres Lopez says:

    Can you do something for more basic beginners? Great stuff!

  11. Faisal Alali says:

    very cool, I hope no one can monitor the signal and have access to my lights tho.

  12. SHIVAM TARAS says:

    Is it possible to make wifi jammer this way?
    I mean instead of putting smart watch script using wifi jammer script and controlling it with the oled screen?

  13. Hey I have a question for y'all. What (free) antivirus software do you guys recommend for Windows 10?

  14. J says:

    Great video kody! Gives me an idea for the demo range next time🤫

  15. Accordion TV says:

    Can I do this on my Intel DX2 66Mhz + maths co-processor, 16mb RAM, 3.5'' floppy, 480Mb HDD, voodoo 3, soundblaster 16 with dial-up modem gaming beast?

  16. Make a androidthings mqtt relay with kotlin!!!

  17. Banana Pi BPI:bit with ESP32 design have micropython support,Base on micro:bit, so Compatible with micro:bit ,source code and wiki update

  18. Aitch Pea says:

    Fun project, and cheaper than buying a decent wifi enabled relay

  19. Hi brother i need a help . I want to find a person address by him num . Is this possible ????
    If can , please help me

  20. xviewmytubex says:

    Hi there. Total noob to this stuff but I'd like to learn it using this vid as my example, guide. With that said, what exactly is the power source component I see in vid (where would I get that from)? Ive ordered the relay switch, breadboard, node mcu to attempt this. I'd like to also try it with the lights used in vid (a little insight on that — which to buy, etc would also help). Great stuff! Appreciate the help, thank you!

  21. that guy says:

    you the man kodi

  22. KARAN SINGH says:

    Can you make videos on automation in non-rooted android smartphone remotely??

    We know, we can write a bash/shell script and send it to someone remotely via link, if he/she clicks on link, the script will automatically execute.

    Can we do same in non-rooted android smartphone too??

    For an instance, can we send a link to someone with a non-rooted android smartphone , if he/she clicks on link, automatically his/her email account will open, automatically a message will be written in email and it will be sent automatically.
    Is it possible??

    I think it is same as rubber ducky

  23. great, thats help me alot, thanks for all,

  24. what computer can hack with such speed and power