Minecraft 10 Mods Every Modpack Should Have Installed

February 15, 2019 by 31 Comments

These mods should all be included in pretty much any modpack you decide to play. These 10 mods alone will already have you on track to creating a great modpack. Thanks for watching!



Optifine –

FoamFix –

BetterFps –

Inventory Tweaks –

Just Enough Items (JEI) –

JourneyMap –

Biomes O’ Plenty –

Biome Bundle –



Mo’ Creatures –

Exotic Birds –

Fire and Ice –

Mowzie’s Mobs –


Dynamic Surroundings –

Quark –


Minecraft Forge –


Music –
(Happy Life) –


31 Replies to “Minecraft 10 Mods Every Modpack Should Have Installed”

  1. Alex says:

    hey how about primitive mobs mod they also add bunch of new mobs and even villagers to the nether and also better nether mod adds similar to biome o plenty but for the nether like nether cactus ,eyeballs flowers and more

  2. Alex says:

    natura is a new mod that adds cool stuff like new trees and features that should work very nice with biome o plenty and also quark mod is amazing but the only thing that i not like very much is the effect from the wraith mob in the nether

  3. Inventory tweaks is the mod that I must have in every mod pack. It’s like not enough items. It’s a must have. In fact I think it should be in vanilla!
    Journeymap or other map mods aren’t a must have, but they are very nice to have.

  4. "Optifine"
    Modpack Permissions : Am i a joke to you?

  5. Hi I cant run my forge 1.12.2 can you make a tutorial on how to fix it?

  6. 0:51 what is wrong with that pig

  7. Ashley Akers says:

    Im not sure if optifine is allowed in modpacks

  8. Who needs a modpack when you can just throw all you like in the mods folder with the latest forge
    By the way, whats the mod that makes it so if you look on a block that is in your reach, it will show what mod it is from, or what id?

  9. AntiHumor says:

    These are mods Albert Einstein played when he played Minecraft.

  10. Hello There says:

    Sorry to say but… Optifine have a lot of problems with 99% of mods

  11. Thanks, I am totally gonna use these mods in my modpack!

  12. ElementKid says:

    hey-o from the future!

  13. dis mod help me so much even 2020

  14. Belyal says:

    Any good biome mod compatible with no creatures? Mobs seem to have a hard time spawning in modded biomes

  15. NowAlex says:

    Tinkers construct?

  16. Mein Fisch says:

    List of mods i would like in my modpack:
    – Optifine (i mean why not)
    – Quark
    – Cyclic (random crap but it’s kinda fun)
    – Stupid Things (more randomness. fantastic)
    – JEI (very big recipe book basically)
    – JourneyMap (waypoints, you can tp right away to your death place or some remarkable stuff)
    – Harvest Festival
    – Pam’s Harvest Craft (hungry)
    – Flan’s Mod (adds war into Minecraft)
    – Soggy’s Transportation (doot)
    – Aether (why not)
    – MrCrayFish Furniture
    – Decocraft

  17. Linctonamor says:

    The Quark mod is extremely underrated.
    It adds so much features that should be in the vanilla game ranging from opening double doors with 1 click, to new endgame crafting materials and a way to find a nether fortress like an eye of ender. And the most important thing… Poisonous potatoes have a use.

    It's also like a combination of all sorts of mods and made better. Like being able to sort chests and take everything out of them in 1 click, or seeing how much durability your armor has without it taking up a good chunk of your hud And it only displays when you take damage.

    And its highly customizable. if you dont like a certain feature then Any feature can be easily disabled, and if something else needs it in a crafting recipe it will replace it with a vanilla material.

  18. Tip_ riper says:

    witch of these two takes less fps?? please help me and i LOVE ur videos
    Biomes O' Plenty –


    Biome Bundle –


  19. Atlas Novaro says:

    The Ai in Mo' Creatures is always bugged for me

  20. swag man says:

    dude i have the shittiest of shit computers and i just bought an 8gb stick of ram (all together 16gb of ram) and i can literally run 300 mods together

  21. U forgot the emc value mod

  22. Sploshwazere says:

    Why is There is always some kind of animal massacre in the background? (In the intro)

  23. Can the first three mods be run at the same time?

  24. AtomicT says:

    Hwyla! You forgot that mod it’s very important for know what your looking at since in a mod pack you might be quite confused what is what when there’s so many mods.

  25. Gamerocker says:

    i think optifine isn't allowed to be used in curseforge packs

  26. end of video = very cruel

  27. why do you always put something weird in the background during the intro

  28. What if the mudpack is 1.15.2? 0:20, 1:22, 2:01??? They're 1.12.2!

  29. Don't forget vanilla fix that's another mod that I'll help with your performance that will install that one along with the other it'll make your PC perform very good

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