Setting Up An Unused 1986 IBM PC Convertible!

February 18, 2019 by 27 Comments

Found a new old stock IBM 5140 to unbox and set up! MS-DOS 3.21, monochrome CGA graphics, and even an attachable printer that goes around back. Will do a more in-depth video on it later, but for now let’s enjoy it like it’s 1986.

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27 Replies to “Setting Up An Unused 1986 IBM PC Convertible!”

  1. Superiorquad says:

    Wonder how this will look on a CRT

  2. ffx2player says:

    Old video, but I just want to say, this little computer is adorable, I'm sure the portability was awful, especially as we do far better today. But the idea and solution is clever. Also unwrapped DOS! Holy crap.

  3. Looks like a cash register

  4. Nice ultra-wide-screen!

  5. Tetsujin says:

    Lovely! I miss the 3.5" disk drives…

  6. Did I miss the retrospective on this one?

  7. 1nsanejochem says:

    I just love how you’re not scared of opening new old stock stuff. Some people want to keep it sealed but what’s the point if you’re not going to use it?

  8. Ahhh…I remember “back in the day” pricing this setup at an “affordable”, cool ~$3.5k. to play Red Storm Rising, Gunship, and printing Hot Dog Banners. The was a great “Gaming Laptop”…🤣

  9. Wow, that is almost a laptop.

  10. I have one of these for sale, if anyone is interested. Thanks

  11. Kira Slith says:

    It amazes me that nobody other than Brother (because they make everything "printing" possible) has made a tiny monochrome dot matrix printer. I imagine it'd be very useful for on-site business printing for lawyers to cary than the big clunky rectangles HP has been selling for years, and cheaper to manufacture to boot.

  12. Can you run Doom on it?

  13. Thad says:

    Dude I wish I knew what opening an old unopened IBM product smelled like, many will never have the chance. I'm glad you are at least as excited as you should be. I would be smelling it too you aren't weird at all bro. The smells and the feeling are all such treats!

  14. Jason Shao says:

    This man is treating this computer like he's handling a child

  15. reeffeeder says:

    Would love more videos on this

  16. thomas tanks says:

    ok but can it run doom?

  17. I've never been more jealous.

  18. 青空太郎 says:

    This is very precious. It is a national treasure.

  19. lymon800 says:

    shame to the bezel and notch wars of our time.

  20. Windows 2000 says:

    He is older than me! Impossible!

  21. Are you sale your IBM?

  22. j2simpso says:

    What a lot of IBM PC Convertible owners did not realize when using the device outdoors is the need to keep the top up when it's raining.

  23. 14:16
    Computer is booted for the first time and asks the current date.
    > Feb 2019
    >> Goddam 2019? WTF I slept my whole life away in a cardboard box! I was like $5000 and hot shit when you put me in here, what were you thinking!!??

  24. Mono Tomb says:

    it wouldn't be a LGR video without him S M E L L I N G the product before he actualyl unpackeges everything at sets it up.

  25. Graham Rule says:

    Thanks for the memories. I had one of these (my first ever laptop) when my boss had finished with it. The rechargeable battery was dud but there was an expansion pack that could take D-cells (I think). There was also a modem (probably another expansion pack). I didn't get a printer with it though. Recently I've been working on a document that I first started on this PC using MS Word 2.

  26. yonghoju says:

    This video is an emotional rollercoaster! Omg.