Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.12.2) – February 2019

February 6, 2019 by 21 Comments

Welcome back to another top 10 Minecraft mod video! Hopefully you enjoy the mods I have selected this time around. If you think I missed any mods, let me know in the comments.



#10 (Colytra) –

#9 (Deadly World) –

#8 (Back Tools) –

#7 (Ender Storage) –

#6 (Hwyla) –

#5 (Multi Mine) –

#4 (LittleTiles) –

#3 (Chunk-Pregenerator) –

#2 (Mowzie’s Mobs) –

#1 (Ice and Fire) –


Minecraft Forge –


Music –
(Happy Life) –


21 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.12.2) – February 2019”

  1. When I went to the ender chest link, it said that it was most recently for version 1.7.10. Any advice? Edit: And I went to the Little Tiles link and the same problem arised.

  2. Atomic Queso says:

    Disclaimer Mowzies mobs is fun but if you plan on living in a savanna like i was it is not worth it there is a boss that is basically a sun god that he doesn't show in the video that has minions that keep spawning after the boss has been killed so it kind of ruining my plans of building ba sing se in minecraft with a bunch of villagers inside because they died. No hate though love your vids thanks for getting straight to the point 🙂

  3. abrock1117 says:

    bruh ender storage isnt 1.12.2

  4. Jacek says:

    I'm so glad I know how to get mods

  5. DazKnight says:

    om i g love yoreadf

  6. Eddie & Fun! says:


  7. briar garynn says:

    i LOVE little tiles. especially for making colored planksss! so i can have stained planks without quark!

  8. Will you ever do a 1.12.2 top 10 again?

  9. jad rattrout says:

    what mod lets you hold a tourch or lava bucket and make the sarounding glow

  10. 10 mods in 3 mins
    in April it's 10 mods in 4 mins

  11. Sey Playz says:

    Satisfying voice
    Just I wish I could..

  12. my favorite mod is mowzie's mobs

  13. I entered this video thinking about downloading 1 or 2 mods, and left with my chrome with more than 8 tabs …

  14. Your videos are amazing but you have few subs and likes I wish you get 1000000 subs

  15. LittleTiles is not for 1.12.2 its for 1.7.10

  16. Max Wheatley says:

    I don't see Hwyla for 1.12

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