1/4 Mile Of Aluminium Foil – How Much Pure Aluminium After Melting Can We Expect

I always wondered how much aluminium foil it would take to make a heap of big ingots so today we find out as ill be melting 1/4 Mile (400mtrs) of Aluminium Foil.

Competition video Link entry’s close April 1st Midnight.

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My personal stamp was designed by my friend Adam ArtByAdrock and made by etsy.com Adams link to awesome castings is here

Forge supplied by my friend over at Devil-Forge , They sell a huge selection of forges , Furnaces , burners and even an the most awesome 5 burner sword blacksmiths furnace on the internet.
1/4 Mile Of Aluminium Foil – How Much Pure Aluminium After Melting Can We Expect


43 Replies to “1/4 Mile Of Aluminium Foil – How Much Pure Aluminium After Melting Can We Expect”

  1. Hey guys if your interested in 5% off a Devil-Forge Furnace email me for your unique code on bigstackddddd@mail.com👌🏻😁

  2. Ahir nya judul Nya Bhasa Indo

  3. luca says:

    Salut les français

  4. 8:52 sounds like a typewriter 😂

  5. Grant Gaughf says:

    how much did you pay for the foil vs how much it is worth once melted?

  6. Double D says:

    Bro I would love to come and hangout with you for a weekend… I'm in america , west of Atlanta Georgia and I been watching your videos for a few months now and you are cool as a ceiling fan… Thanks for the entertainment

  7. what is it with aussies and pepsi max?

  8. FAST JAGLER says:

    we can speak Indonesian

  9. Memelandfarm says:

    I guess when it’s cast aluminum it doesn’t matter if it was from aluminum foil or a strong extrusion to the junkyard but to someone else it’s something else. I’m just not sure who would buy it unless you sold it to a random person on eBay. Maybe a private machinist or a small shop if you looked through the phone book and made some calls. Either way it’s always worth money no matter what because its good clean scrap. Thanks for the education I learn a lot from your experiences
    🧱 🔥 👑 🏆 🥇 🔥 🧱

  10. Jackira says:

    Ingot is so cute I wanna melt him to have a ingot so ill have an ingot ingot

  11. I have always wanted to do this

  12. et3rnity says:

    Beer for breakfast? Not a good choice I guess

  13. you mean, 400 metres of aluminum foil? that's amazing brother

  14. Raivolt says:

    I love your aluminum flooring! A 5 watt light bulb would make your room brighter than the sun! Great video, especially the "Foot Cam" view! It's very cool and offers a rare insight as to what your feet are doing as you leave your house, go to the store and return home!

  15. I absolutely LOVE that Metal Australia withe the kangaroo, that’s amazing

  16. Thats some weird looking bread

  17. I love the moment when he look at the foil and next look at his dog.

  18. Ryan Gidner says:

    Probably cost more in gas to melt it than it’s worth. Not to mention the cost of the foil.

  19. Holy shit… he didn’t drink a beer this morning

  20. How hard would it be to cast something as big as the Blaze Kamado grill? it’s one of the first aluminum kamados — very thick. Holds heat nearly as well as ceramic. (Price is a hefty $1799) .. I imagine something that big would be nearly impossible to pour by hand, unless multiple people were filling the cast from multiple pour points.

  21. I have started to fill a 5 gallon bucket with used aluminum foil that I crumble into a ball and then flatten with a hammer, by my estimates when it is full ill have around 50 pounds. Then I will construct the foundry from TKOR and melt it all with a bunch of scrap aluminum I am gathering also.

  22. Rudy Geo says:

    mia mamma si è innamorata di te anche senza vederti in volto ,perche ami molto gli animali ,grande bigstackd,

  23. Pyro Animus says:

    Company: ^melts aluminium and casts and presses into foil^
    BSD: ^instantly buys it and melts it straight back into a bar^ 😆
    Also I love Ingot's face when you pulled the foil out of the draw, he looked like he was just thinking "oh lawd here we go again" lol

  24. Ingot is so cute😍

  25. ey yo its silver shiny gold

  26. Fossil Draws says:

    Ingot looks like a very good boy.

  27. AU stands for AUstralium

  28. Rob says:

    America- you're drinking alcohol when forging? I'm reporting you. Australia- you're not drinking while forging? Go back to America.

  29. I kept expecting you to throw raw eggs at the foil….

    ptsd from "how to basic"

  30. Rafa Navarro says:

    your loosing Money by using paper foil . but i guess you needed something to film for you tube which pays money . there isn't always free scrap metal

  31. "1/4 mile" – big huge Australian Flag

  32. Beginning reminds me of howtobasic 😂

  33. One day that shelf will fall

  34. I love your work I’m about to do it for the first time.

  35. That's awesome haha

  36. Mario Yanez says:

    Lol @ 0:40 Ingot was like Bruh! Make some ingots and don’t forget the lollipops!!

  37. My sister died of cancer at age 7 she use to watch you… every time I watch you it makes me cry..:( but I know she is in a better place now…