Automate Wi-Fi Hacking with Wifite2 in Kali Linux [Tutorial]

March 5, 2019 by 28 Comments

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How to Automate Wi-Fi Hacking with Wifite2 on Kali
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Kali Linux comes with an array of tools designed to scan and attack Wi-Fi networks out of the box. We’ll show you how to automate this process with Wifite2 on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab. If you don’t have Wifite2 installed, it’s easy enough to do so.

Wifite2 can target WPS, WPA, and WEP networks. And it uses many different tools to work its magic, such as Tshark, Pyrit, Cowpatty, and Aircrack. Attacks can use Reaver, Bully, WPS-Pixie, and more.

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28 Replies to “Automate Wi-Fi Hacking with Wifite2 in Kali Linux [Tutorial]”

  1. * says:

    This actually works, thank you. It says hcxdumptool and hcxpcaptool missing, how to i add these?

  2. regi samuel says:

    I want the link in next video

  3. What about wps2 secured wifi

  4. how to set my own created dictionary of password for this script.

  5. Dck Pp says:

    If u need wifi to hack wifi, what is reason of hacking wifi

  6. Top Hackers says:

    How you upload video without any
    Community guidelines issues
    Plz me pro

  7. Can you unban pubg MOBILE account ??? For free please ??

  8. Im new to kali, none of the tools or anything is working, is it because I need a lan adapter? I need help to figure things out I’m kinda lost

  9. pretty cute method, no need of linux you only need Windows and CMD, that's all

  10. Does it need WPS enabled wi-fi can anybody tell me ????

  11. I really wanted to learn these but I don't have supporting parents and a decent pc 😭😭😭

  12. Can i hack my neighbors wifi with this,??

  13. Mo Dan says:

    Is there an easy way than this

  14. how many of oyu have sucess with wifite?

  15. Hacker amrit says:

    hello I need your help can you tell me please were the wifite handshakefile save.

  16. jatin verma says:

    wifite -mac –dict /usr/kali/rockyou.txt

    -mac is for randomize mac address
    –dict is for changing default dictionary
    /usr/kali/rockyou.txt is location of rockyou dictionary

    use hashcat for more advanced brute force attack using .cap file

  17. How do I know if someone tried to crack my wifi password

  18. Sherin Sunny says:

    Can it crack WPA/p encryption with higher number of handshakes.

  19. From where you have ordered the stickers that are sticked on your laptop??

  20. AlsoAlpha says:

    I keep getting an error saying 'python: command not found' even after I downloaded python, is there something I am missing? please help

  21. anuj tiwari says:

    I am using Kali linux subsystem on Windows 10 will it work the same…? there are many errors .. Can i use this similar to KALI original one.. or have to install the original Kali OS?

  22. honey Sharma says:

    Love you so much

  23. Otil Barcu says:

    WPA wpa2 Don't work

  24. Can I use laptop wifi adapter

  25. Yo i just hacked my school's wifi and to my neighbor's wifi too