Automatic Villager Breeder! | 1.14.2 (New version in description)

March 28, 2019 by 28 Comments

Edit: updated version for 1.14.3+
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New way to breeder villagers and a new auto villager breeder design! Go into how villagers breed and how set it up. If you have any questions ask below. Join our twitch streams for snapshot server. More 1.14 Snapshot videos:

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28 Replies to “Automatic Villager Breeder! | 1.14.2 (New version in description)”

  1. Poppies says:

    How long can you make it with the rows of beds?

  2. I knew GrandmaMommy before you made her famous.  I hope she doesn't change. 🙂

  3. Sho Nuff says:

    Produces village babies more often if you maximize beds per breeder parents, 6 beds per parents. Then there seems to be a bed always "unlocked". Also I moved the babies 80 blocks, that also seemed to speed things up.
    The fence post trick wouldnt work for me, the babies dont want to jump off of them, so switched to glass planes.

  4. pauljerome01 says:

    Isnt throwing them in the nether good enough instead of dropping them down?

  5. why isnt this working with 2 villagers?

  6. Those anger particles aren't about not finding their bed, it's about not being able to allocate a bed for the baby. You need an available bed for every baby villager.

  7. Drathmorgh says:

    Awesome ray! Thanks. This is going to come in handy as I need to redo the breeder on The Dirt Nebula! I’m going to move them from where I have them in spawn to somewhere else!

  8. Thrice Ice says:

    I wonder if you could feed the villagers into a zombie tank to speed up the golem gossip.

  9. Keanu says:

    Does it work in bedrock?

  10. Great video! But.. Is there any way you can create a tutorial on this please. Most of my villagers have died but two and I am in dire need of new ones as the only ones I have are the fisherman and cleric

  11. the distance is not 64 blocks it's 150 (measured in taxicab metric) , ur design requires constantly breaking and replacing beds to work infinitely.

  12. jałowy says:

    wow, that's great

  13. Kylon says:

    how much food do i need per villager pair per hour? does anyone know that?

  14. Edmond Xu says:

    You mentioned that they don't need a workstation, but from my understanding, it was stated somewhere they each villager needed a bed and workstation. Do you think that it could it be a bug or feature they still haven't fixed yet?

  15. Sean Miller says:

    Halfway through the video… wondering when you’re going to show me how to build it

  16. k says:

    How do u build it then dipshit

  17. How about cat breeder so we can have as many kitties as we want?

  18. The farm stops working after a while when the villagers are only 64 blocks away from the beds of the farm. The villagers have to be much more blocks away than 64 to release a occupied bed. Currently I'm trying to find that distance. EDIT: It looks like it doesn't matter how far away they are. Even through a nether portal didn't worked.

  19. bloodyghost says:

    I'm having trouble with villagers picking up stacks & stacks of crops and only breeding occasionally. Is this normal?

  20. Ricardo Rico says:

    does this work in the full release?

  21. Bed?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  22. Yoshim3to says:

    I can't put the beds above the villagers because there needs to be a block beneath it… any help? (I'm in Bedrock, not sure if this is supposed to work in bedrock or not)

  23. The fix for the kids getting stuck: you have to make sure that the adult villagers are facing each other diagonally in the cell when you first put them in. If they are not, then the kids will get stuck on the fence. To get the villagers to face diagonally hit one of them with a snowball and they should line up and then interact with each other.

  24. Ilay WS says:

    Does this still work in 1.14.3?

  25. can i breed librarian with farmer? ( both were zombie villagers)

  26. ben1roberts says:

    First pair of villagers picks up all the food? Even like 20 stacks of bread

  27. Lewis Jack says:

    this isnt a tutorial….