32 Replies to “Casually Explained: Video Game Genres”

  1. see y'all in 3-6 months when you randomly feel like binging every casually explained video again

  2. Tony Myers says:

    Your logic is weak. If the vaccine really did protect you then you would have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. That's like saying I have a raincoat but i fear that the person near me without one will get me wet.

  3. Who says you can't take money from dwarves in real life

  4. Casual



    Lmao I died

  5. You left out a few of favorite Genres! I'm-a bitch and moan about it cuz I'm a nerd tryhard.

    1. Turn based strategy (Sid Meier and Heroes of Might and Magic)
    2. Card Games
    3. Flash Games
    4. Space fighting games like Tyrian, Galactix, Ikaruga, and so on

  6. megajuaco says:

    Mi ping es alto y no se por que…

  7. Sport gamers are not gamers. Don't believe me? Ask them… 😜

  8. Muscle Man says:

    MOBAS and FPS players: Complaining over who is more toxic

    Meanwhile, the casual gamer is elbow dropping his grandma for knocking him outta first place with the spiny shell while his mother is choking his dad to death for kneeing his sister because she surpassed him to reach first.

  9. Gmod Locus says:

    two genres

    one that makes money
    one that takes craft

  10. Electro says:

    as soon as he said 100 kids on a bus dropping onto college campus i thought he was gonna start talking about school shooting

  11. Sav H says:

    the most important sim game is any and all fishing sims

  12. Starkare Galactic Battlegrounds!

  13. gerboiii says:

    i’m just casually binge-watching your vids

  14. Ben Grinter says:

    Pls I need a dark theme casually explained to binge all your vids

  15. The words "platformer", "'shoot 'em up" or "beat 'em up" never appeared in the video. I'm guessing this is only for modern games?

  16. Arpit Gupta says:

    I like games that are less tacky like having dozens are abilities and are focused more on combat like Prince of Persia, Max Payne, DMC and Arkham Series
    Can you suggest games like these?

  17. Moon Girl says:

    Oh I just realized that "Sims" comes from "simulation" I feel dumb

  18. "Even something like Fortnite is a metaphor for everyday American life. 100 kids are dropped off by a shool bus into college campus amd try to survive as long as possible as they avoid an encroaching circle of unvaccinated children."

    This hits slightly different right now.

  19. Where are survival games

  20. You forgot idle games, where you actively try to ignore your crippling depression. And while your score exponentially increases, your life exponentially decreases in quality.

  21. bester Fan says:

    "MOBAs are games where individuals actively work against each other to actively feed the enemy."
    I play LoL, can confirm.

  22. Quinula says:

    tower defense games are not rts games

  23. BuXiX says:

    Tetris 99 is the best Battle Royale ever.

  24. 3:26 "where you get to do things you're not able to do in real life". I cannot believe you missed the chance of mentioning having sex.

  25. why are the closed captions french. I've seen your french video, you're a fraud!

  26. Darkens says:

    "Mi Ping es alto y no sé por qué"
    As an spanish person, I can confirm that I have no idea what that means either

  27. JackgarPrime says:

    Well now I'm confused. He mentioned "friendlies", which is a term that only smash uses (real fighting games are more likely to call them casuals), yet he also mentioned deodorant, which smash never uses.

  28. So basically, theres two genres, good and bad.. heres an example

    Fortnite is bad,
    any other game is good,