Glasses that Block Screens

March 13, 2019 by 5 Comments

Glasses that Block Screens

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5 Replies to “Glasses that Block Screens”

  1. CehJota says:

    I get it, but this is just more kickstarter bullshit.

  2. tamat says:

    it is the kind of idea that only some hipsters would think it is viable, zero research effort, zero target market.

    the concept of using polarized glasses has been there for decades (stereographic glasses use the same principle) but nobody in their right mind would think this could be a good product.

  3. kn33 says:

    When you *really* need to avoid spoilers.

  4. germinik says:

    I avoid polarizing glasses at all cost. They help with some aspects of sporting events and what not. But, I cant use them when driving or riding my motorcycle because it will black out the gauges.

  5. Stinkyfisherman says:

    Yep nothing like sitting at home on the couch just listening to the TV.