Green Beer (You Suck at Cooking) Episode 87

The history of Ireland is a long and storied one, and one I know next to nothing about. The history of St. Patrick is a short one, relative to the length of the history of the world. The current St. Patrick’s day celebrating has little or nothing to do with the actual St. Patrick, and that’s the way we like it.
The first step to making green beer is to add a few drops of food coloring, then add beer. When selecting a glass to drink it out of, make sure it’s transparent, that way you are able to see the green part of the beer not only from the top or from within the stomach, but also from the side while drinking beer.

While pouring the beer, making sure not to pour it from a great height. This will decrease the amount of bubbles that end up in the beer when you are drinking it, and therefor the the enjoyment. If you were aware of the lengths that the manufacturers went to in order to get bubbles inside of that beer in the first place, you wouldn’t even drink it at all.

While drinking the beer, make sure you don’t allow the beer to come into contact with anything that could get stained, such as your clothes, dog, or mouth. If you swallow quickly enough you can keep your mouth from turning green permanently.

If you dislike drinking beverages that are colored green but want to get into the festive spirit, simply tape green construction paper around your drinking vessel, and dye your beer purple instead.


44 Replies to “Green Beer (You Suck at Cooking) Episode 87”

  1. That was so short! Omg

  2. I always do this for Halloween and call it a witch's brew

  3. Someone make a new version with the script in the description

  4. Amin Farshi says:

    Imagine a video narrated by this guy with music composed by Bill wurts designed by Jack stauber and written by don't hug me I'm scared… I just want that video

  5. The outro is back!

  6. mushwoom_69 says:

    Lmao i didnt expect food colouring and beer i thought it will be beer and food colouring

  7. that ladybug is a drunk Irishman crawling home after going to the pub

  8. M M says:

    I knew what was coming and still laughed extremely hard.

  9. cant tell if the photoshop is good or bad and its stressing me out

  10. Gotta love the premade garageband piano loops XD

  11. Alchemy Jug says:

    I am Irish and indeed the intro is true

  12. Jebus says:

    the snakes! WHAt about the snakes!?!?!

  13. *2AM CALLS* says:

    I wanna see you do documentaries

  14. Kill me Hoe says:

    He can draw hands better them mostly who are watching this and me….

  15. Instructions unclear, made the Irish angrier at me.

  16. kejow says:

    The piano melody at the end is the best! You could make a music stream someday, like Jaiden Animations, before her face reveal she never showed us her face, and were still able to play piano (she was celebrating her 1,000,000 subscriptions) and you just need fingers to play instruments, unless they are wind instruments.

  17. TaHame1 says:

    The description under the video is about 10x the length if the script for the video lol

  18. la la says:

    So this video is basically about how beer was invented

  19. I totally missed this episode

  20. Asil Anom says:

    I never got the notification for this but I'm glad I found it 8 months later (':

  21. Not many people know this but that is the same ladybug he hires for his very helpful video.

  22. FourEyed Ape says:

    The episode no one watched

  23. Good Morning says:

    Someone without glasses would look at that like: what kind of a monster is that?

  24. How did he get the little hat on the ladybug? Is the ladybug refined now?

  25. "the first step to making green beer is to add some food coloring and then add beer"

    Instructions unclear, wangjangler stuck in ceiling fan

  26. I’ve consumed so much green food dye today and I think i’m dying

  27. Wait, beer is yellow, right?And when you add blue to yellow, you get green.
    So… adding blue cheese to beer, should provide a natural variant of green beer without the adding of chemical colouring, right? I recommend everyone trying this. And please tell me how it went in a reply. Sadly i'm allergic to beer, so i can't try this for myself.

  28. EeveeTMI says:

    Am I the only one who realized he changed the thumbnail?

  29. Beer is just irish bone broth

  30. Hi Scott,

    I hope you like the name that I made up for you, because I have no idea what your name is. Scott had a certain general Sequoia. I followed your instructions and my Guiness turned brown. I think it's gone bad. It joined a bicycle gang. Please help.

  31. JJ Kern says:

    also no more snek

  32. Whoa thanks for the recipe. I've been wondering my whole life.. now i can die peacefully

  33. faize28 says:

    Drunk history

  34. where on earth did the drunk ladybug come from?????

  35. Rickypol 007 says:

    0:40The worst representation of italian in thw world

  36. Izzy Olsson says:

    the way he poured that beer made my soul hurt

  37. It took me 20 seconds to understand that was a ladybug

  38. Ciao Merlano says:

    Omg that was the best impression of an english person speaking italian i have ever heard

  39. Aman singh says:

    I miss Douglas and john

  40. Der Reichert says:

    Sie haben hiermit gegen das Reinheitsgebot verstoßen! Sie werden baldmöglichst von Soldaten des Erzbischofs abgeholt und für ihre Verbrechen gegen ganz Franken zur Rechenschaft gezogen.