High Pressure Coffee Maker – 60,000 PSI

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We attempt to make the worlds fastest cup of coffee and end up creating the most expensive. It ended up one of our most amazing inventions of 2019.

Also the impromtu cross section of the keurig cup was pretty satisfying. And we actually got to make something instead of just destroying things.

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41 Replies to “High Pressure Coffee Maker – 60,000 PSI”

  1. Zero_Smith says:

    They keep calling it powder, and he even stirred it around like it was NesCafe instant coffee. You do know it is coffee grounds, right?

  2. uhavemooface says:

    Why am I wasting my time with this video when I can actually make my a pot of coffee here at home.

  3. I like to shop at stores cause I don't want to put many people outta jobs and close businesses.

  4. D Cruzer says:

    Lmao…Damn it guys that was too funny. Good stuff

  5. chris keelor says:

    Just heat the damn water up and don't do it for 15 seconds

  6. Parody King says:

    They sped up the video 8:04 you can hear there voices in the back and they talk super fast smh

  7. john smith says:

    sandy coffee 😝😝

  8. BladeAddict says:

    5:10 Hmmmm this coffee tastes like blood and teeth

  9. How much does the water jet consume power (in Watts)?

  10. FF00BB says:

    Just use instant coffe thats why is called instant

  11. Iron supplement😂

  12. World's most expensive coffee maker

  13. Why does Mitchel remind me of Tom Hanks?

  14. HeyItsMeLive says:

    Bombfell doesn't do tracksuits.

  15. Furio says:

    ᗰᗰᗰ GᗩᖇᑎETY 🤣🤣

  16. Furio says:

    And that's how a bottomless cup of coffee is made 🤣🤣

  17. PlainSauce says:

    He sounds like Bob from Bob's burgers

  18. Hus 9 says:

    Wasting resources

  19. Number 27 says:

    High Pressure Coffee Maker – 60,000 PSI

    Ness has joined the chat

  20. I want a free waterjet mug when you get to a million subscribers…Just because ….

  21. This was one of the worst, least successful attempts at anything I've ever seen on this channel, and one of my favorite. I could tell you guys were genuinely laughing after every failed attempt. That's why I watch the channel, well done, haha.

  22. Hless421 says:

    Five seconds at 20.000 psi should do it with the double shot and all. Now that's a quick cup of joe, complete with iron and plastic suplements.

  23. Should have flipped it around

  24. No. First you use 15kpsi to pierce, then drop it off to around 600

  25. Rude Goldstein coffee machine

  26. Don't know if anyone has said this yet but I think you should have run the water for less time because you can see all the flavored brown water gets blown out right away

  27. Tim Silveira says:

    It's 3am, I'm at work and my coffee cup is empty. This video made me emotional.

  28. Justin says:

    I like this show but then there's an ad for guys who can't dress themselves and it makes me think

  29. Noah Goldman says:

    Making some regular drip while I watch this like 🤔

  30. Bob The Blob says:

    I have a question for any girls that might be watching do you gals ever get tired of these sponsorships always being for men?

  31. 1:06

    When you had Taco Bell for lunch, Chili for Dinner, Chocolate ice cream for Dessert, and then the following day you have a nice dose of Caffeine. This is what happens on that following day.

    This, this clip is what happens about 3 hours after you consumed all that caffeine.

  32. That Guy says:

    Bombfell? More like bumfell

  33. Chris Baines says:

    Yum. Enjoy your abrasive, guys!

  34. 2:52 did you just spit?

  35. I got a waterjet ad before the video, nice…

  36. The hot chocolate pods always leave the best part in the cup

  37. TKG BRENO says:

    If you didnt run it for solong you wouldnt lose so much

  38. Sam Anderson says:

    That fresh garnety taste.