Inconspicuously Sniff Wi-Fi Data Packets Using an ESP8266 D1 Mini [Tutorial]

March 9, 2019 by 31 Comments

How to Discreetly Sniff Data Packets with a Cheap Microcontroller
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Monitoring network traffic is an essential skill for a hacker. However the tools used can be a little conspicuous. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll show you how to use an ESP8266 to sniff data packets discreetly. Specifically, we’ll be using a D1 Mini with a datalogger shield that has a coin cell battery slot and a port for a microSD card. And to make it all work, we’ll be working in the Arduino IDE, and reading the information later in Wireshark.

Parts you’ll want:
D1 Mini:
D1 Mini Datalogger Shield:
microSD card:
Soldering iron:
Micro-USB cable:
microSD card reader:
5 volt power supply (for portability):
CR1220 battery (for RTC):

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31 Replies to “Inconspicuously Sniff Wi-Fi Data Packets Using an ESP8266 D1 Mini [Tutorial]”

  1. jm94565 says:

    Good show bro keep it up

  2. Maqsood Ali says:

    hello sir good i fan u please gmail account give me , whatsapp number

  3. LEMD49 says:

    Another nice episode with a solid structure. Can you point me to your d1 mini driver coverage as I am having real headaches w my d1 on the Mac (no problems w nodemcu however) tks

  4. Hugh Hefner says:

    You should do a review on the tornado tool supplied by ec council

  5. Lasnik says:

    1:28 oh lol I am from Germany

  6. Tkk says:

    Do you speak German!?

  7. th3 _m4lw4r3 says:

    DAMNNN I wanted a video about this for sooo long

  8. Hi can this be used to capture the public ip?without connecting to a the router?

  9. Great tutorial but honestly it’s virtually useless!

  10. Magicwinguy says:

    Reads title… sounds like a spacehuhn project. Watches video yep it is and as always its really cool and I have to order another esp32

  11. bappe sarker says:

    sir , i installed kali linux on my rasperry pi 3 B+, but few days later when i try to format the sd card it shows write protected and sd card was not formatted. please help me.

  12. m.nageh says:

    I am searching for an esp that can work as a handshaker. .. deauths the clients then capture the handshake from all APs or a selected one. and cheks if it's valid or not .

  13. m.nageh says:

    You go to school ?

  14. Hitchens Jr. says:

    You are a god amongst men thanks for all the awesome content.

  15. Sally Shiner says:

    My boyfriend has been surveilling my cell phone for months. He installed an app on my phone and has been monitoring text, calls, emails, social media, ect.. but I have no idea how he got the app on my phone. Do you know how that was done? He doesn't know my passwords and has never had my phone physically…

  16. gadby says:

    I'm trying to use my Asus wireless ad dos it matters what chipset the adp has because my kali kand see my adap

  17. Amir Khan says:

    “Back when I was at school” he definitely hacked his whole school.

  18. Sanxing Baby says:

    I know that this maybe irrelevant, but I think that you may provide a solution. I connected my MacBook to a TL-WDR7300 router using a cable with RJ45 and could get access to the internet. But I don't know the password for the router. Is there any way that I can get the password for wifi network of this router? Thank you!

  19. Ankit Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    How can I fix package installation error in Linux os on my computer or in termux app on my Android. It seems government has blocked everything. How Can I bypass/ unblock and install the packages. My location is: INDIA.

  20. Steve says:

    @Null Byte , Check out this shield , it lets you add 16 additional gpio pins to the d1 mini. Your microSD breakout is eating up all of your pins by adding this shield you can add additional parts like a tiny screen or whatever you want. They're not as powerful as the internal pins and cant do pwm but it will free up internal pins that you can use for that should you choose or need to do so.. Just thought you might appreciate this. Also I saw the megasync tab in your file manager , I would recommend the mega-cmd utility to anyone that uses that service, it gives you a shell into your mega cloud and it runs on Debian 9 . It makes it crazy easy to manage your storage and it comes with several server options for staying connected and file transfers. Even the free version of Mega is just great, there is one that is a little better but it gives you a few months of 100GB and then you have to sign up. If you need to back up a bunch of stuff up to 100GB maybe to move to another machine or whatever try . You can ssh,sftp,ftp,rsync, right from the terminal or even setup a webdav. Plus for a free service the transfer speeds aren't too bad, you know how it goes.

  21. bro im in india so can i use this parts available in which is cheap for me in india so can i use this plz replay me bro
    d1 mini: :–
    and i does not find any d1 mini datalogger shield so plz give me chinese manufacturare link to buy the d1 mini datalogger shield plz replay me bro and then can i use an class 4 sdcards for this or class10 sdcards

  22. MechaBits says:

    This seems like a good place for me to start my little idea, i'd like to be able to access the pcap(not that i have figured out how to interpret those) file remotely or have it sent via gsm device, so I can try to pinpoint the devices location. Now i realize this might be a dumb idea and some other way of locating device, but it would be helpful to tie thieves to position with ID's of phones or routers(i think).

  23. Matt_ says:

    I don't understand how it connects to the Wi-Fi network?

  24. pcap.h missing when compiling

  25. does it captures handshakes?

  26. Matt_ says:

    I do not understand how it connects to the wifi network

  27. There is any way to detect devices not connected to any AP?