LGR – Restoring a 1999 Gateway Essential 450 PC

March 29, 2019 by 44 Comments

Time to clean up and restore this late 90s Gateway computer! 3dfx Voodoo 3, Sound Blaster 128, Windows 98, oh yes. Join me in getting this unloved machine back to factory fresh condition!

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44 Replies to “LGR – Restoring a 1999 Gateway Essential 450 PC”

  1. S.M.P says:

    I think this was the exact original family PC from when I was ~3 yrs old. Played Tarzan and Emperor's New Groove on that thing. Took ages for it to start up though and bring up a webpage

  2. Crypto Damus says:

    Wow we had the same one! Crazy to see a gateway again

  3. Eric Brown says:

    Hey I had one of these

  4. Swaffle says:

    My mom had an old windows 98 laptop and I would play the shit out of putt putt enters the race

  5. Mike Tucker says:

    I used to have this pc. Was my first machine with a CD burner. Lots of good memories.

  6. What model is that monitor?

  7. the 5 dollar windows 98 PC

  8. I have a p6-450 with the same case that came to me without drives that I'm trying to restore. Does anyone know if the bios can handle 250gb atapi drives?

  9. Oh wow… Blast from the past! I had the 500mhz version of the Gateway Essential, it was my daily driver PC for years and years, until I finally upgraded to an AMD Athlon based system. Much as people loved to hate on Gateway back in the days, only things I ever upgraded was the memory and the stock HDD. Fantastic machine for the era…

  10. 3:37 very strange Clint noises…

  11. Ahh man i kinda miss the icons of Windows 95/98. And My Briefcase really takes me back. Windows 98 was my favorite from that era. I liked 2000 for a bit but XP was my favorite for a long time. I used XP from 2003 to 2014 when I finally broke down and started using Windows 7 which became my 2nd favorite. My biggest complaint about Windows 7 was the overhaul of Paint. I think Windows 95/98/2000/XP Paint was the best. It was so limited but of you knew how to use it you could make some kick ass art. I used to have up to 10 different bitmap files open at once and use them as makeshift layers. It's just too bad they were only bitmap based, a vector version might've been cool.

  12. ezrub dell says:

    To think that people give away these things for pretty much free. Just wait, in like 2035 people will be giving away 3090's and and Ryzen Threadripper's away with your burger and fries.

  13. Plot twist: the pilot was a woman.
    Tah tuh taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  14. EZ2ACTux says:

    This comment section is 90% plane jokes and I love it

  15. Mask Media says:

    I still had my Gateway from 2002 WinXP up untill 3 months ago that i think need it a video card. It owuld shut down after a couple of minutes. I have no clue how to fix it even after watching countless videos..so i just put in the blue bin and away it when…

  16. Sliding on those furniture pads made me cringe… something about the sound was opposite of asmr

  17. Derek Witt says:

    That’s not just a few dust bunnies, but entire flock!

  18. Jason Howson says:

    Looks like the previous owner was a smoker. Lots of nicotine mixed in with all that dust.

  19. cyberjack-CJ says:

    PSU cant be as bad as those on E-machines ? lol I've never seen one that still works …..

  20. Scott Strang says:

    My wife bought me that same pc back when we got married. 128 mb RAM in 1998. It was screaming. Still have it.

  21. Joel says:

    >child me getting frustrated after clicking the start menu 50 times and the HDD pegged on one of these old shitboxes

    2020 adult me giving sage advice from a perspective of dystopian instant gratification land: "Have patience my child. The journey is as much a reward as the destination"

  22. FrankenStars says:

    the product key. Kinda weird

  23. Man, the dirty insides of that computer came up on screen at exactly the wrong moment and made me literally physically gag

  24. another youtuber who i wont name his name is BRUTALMOOSE

  25. Greg Owsley says:

    "I don't see the smoke but you seem to be heading for a fire" – Cop NFS 3

  26. Sam Eash says:

    "Go away airplanes!" Clint, they are going away! That's why they're making sounds!

  27. The "Quality Seal" sticker was added by Gateway (as far as I remember, as I bought a very similar model back 2000). You were likely the first one to remove that sticker since it went out of the factory.

  28. you hate it when your done screwing… did your wife say that? 😀

  29. just use double sided tape to mount the sd card adaptor and put that floppy drive in the 3.5" bay instead of using that adaptor.. surprised it is plastic… afaik all my older computers uses metal cases and metal side panels… not all old systems likes the sata or pata sd card interfaces

  30. yearh.. windows 98se… use black background and a black background picture to hide the ugly boxes around the icon text

  31. there are so many nice late 90s games

  32. need for speed 4 runs natively on windows 9x and has patches for xp and windows 10

  33. Jeremy says:

    RIP My Briefcase

  34. Joel Lyons says:

    I haven't seen that screen saver in yeara!

  35. Mine farmer says:


  36. Dick Nickler says:

    oh my god, this was my computer growing up! i used to play flash games and runescape on this piece of crap!

  37. In where LGR is at, it's a parade of planes where everyone can enjoy!

  38. Eamo says:

    "I need a mask"
    he knew?😱

  39. 8:28 I can’t be the only one that saw that. That’s hilarious 😆

  40. There was a console that bill gates and others were working only separately and alone before the ever made DoS from buying someone’s operating system to began making history, bill gates made in 1981 February 7th a project that he didn’t name until 2 years later, he called it “MTP-O” – “Multi-Tech-Pylon-ORION” and it’s not something he showed to the public to much, he has photos of if able to be seen of course online, but he won’t show the console itself on the Internet as he stated a camera in these times could interfere with its components. We at least have the images though.