Mining Platinum from a Catalytic Converter with a 60,000 PSI Waterjet

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In todays video we got a visit from my friend Chuck who brought some cool stuff for us to cut. We had some ignition coils packed in resin, and an EGR Valve. We cut the metal with water and revealed the insides of the cataltyic converter.

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50 Replies to “Mining Platinum from a Catalytic Converter with a 60,000 PSI Waterjet”

  1. It's Catalytic Converter not Cadillac converter 😂😂😂

  2. astafzciba says:

    you should send the grinding to cody's lab he'll definitely extract the platinum out of it.

  3. You're gonna get palladium poisoning, PALLADIUM POISONING!

  4. Just got an AD about an Polish company selling waterjets 😂

  5. Furio says:

    íѕn't hє ín вíllíσnѕ??

  6. Motor rider says:

    Cut a lawn mower motor in half

  7. You should try to cut an engine block !
    (I mean a lawnmower engine, or a 50cc engine, not a car engine 😂)

  8. james dean says:

    It is not platinum its palladium and its coating the honey comb so it dont burn up palladium is very poisoness to lick and also way more valuable then platinum but good luck getting it off lol

  9. MoparMilan says:

    Yes you came in for the cadillac converter, do you want an air freshener with that? Yes, may I get your year make and model sir?

  10. -- says:

    Is there anything that waterjet can't cut?

  11. H. Black says:

    Are circles your primary produck?

  12. tyler krug says:

    All those guys standing around were like "hey there's that dumb guy who licks everything, let's see what he licks next"? Lol

  13. tyler krug says:

    When will you make vg10 knives?

  14. Jeremy Tripp says:

    ERG brings exhaust gasses in to combustion chamber to lower the oxygen content

  15. C Scherbarth says:

    Have you considered adding spear heads to your knife site?

  16. Probably should let them know that they need heat treat and tempering to keep an edge

  17. Are those blanks heat treated?

  18. I just watched a man lick exhaust fumes

  19. Sean DePoppe says:

    Blank… so kniooowph

  20. indyjons321 says:

    So if I remove my catalytic converter, I get more gas mileage?

  21. Cat a lit ick converter lol. Always wondered how much money is in stripping these down.

  22. Bryan bortko says:

    Cadillac converter lol

  23. You do know that you really don't want to touch that stuff bare handed right. There's a lot of stuff in that that would make you sick as a dog.

  24. Kev says:

    I actually need that catalytic converter…… Oooof

  25. The glitter looks like mica flakes.

  26. Paracord lol. For military, we call it 550 cord.

  27. duckslayer92 says:

    You really shouldn't lick catalytic convertors, I believe the insides are carcinogenic. Outside of that funny great video

  28. Ally Sloper says:

    One of these days you are going to lick something and it is going to kill you.

  29. My wife told me she was sweet in all the rite spots., so i decided to lick a few……

    If your wondering how it went., i will let you know when i have sensation in my face.

  30. "I'm going to lick it longways" lmfao

  31. Hless421 says:

    Breaking news. YouTube celebrity gets cancer from licking muffler.

  32. All I see is cutting things with a waterjet…. Until you actually show how to mine platinum from the catalytic converter… Thumbs down for click bait.

  33. bob barker says:

    The thing you called a c3po is actually a canooter valve 😂😂😂

  34. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who calls the Cadillac converter a Cadillac converter.

  35. Those are ceramic honeycomb coated in palladium/rhodium and then platinum. The platinum and palladium is less than 3 atoms thick. So you’d have to bust down literally hundreds of those and then refine the metal to get any real amount of platinum.

  36. rocaley says:

    Is that Walter White?

  37. tiny 1 says:

    Hey that was really cool that's guys I've worked on cars for years but never had nor wanted to make time to cut one open to get to the cat really cool my friend and your knifes are Fucking cool as hell do you guys make custom parts if some one asked you to and of corse pay for it and can you design shit as well

  38. In this video: man licking exhaust material from a cadillac

  39. Every lick removes 3 years from Mitchells life

  40. Those damn Cadillac converters!!!

  41. Cadillac???? Lol 😅😂🤣

  42. Patrick Kim says:

    You should focus less on knives for cutting but more on throwing knives. Then you don’t have to market it to diy, but with a quick grind, you can sell the knife as a complete product. Quality throwing knives are few and far between and expensive (Dm me for my reward)

  43. Pinkie Love says:

    You’re licking stuff made me unsubscribe , Too weird for me

  44. buder5 says:

    3:27 i understand how those coil work yet i dont understand what break >_>
    well maybe aside from overheating and coil shorted

  45. What about a sword blank?