Nick Click: The 90s Nickelodeon Digital Camera Experience

March 16, 2019 by 34 Comments

Unboxing and testing the Mattel Nick Click from 1999! Take digital photos and turn yourself into your favorite NickToons using the included Nickelodeon software package. DO THE NICK CLICK.

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34 Replies to “Nick Click: The 90s Nickelodeon Digital Camera Experience”

  1. lunsj says:

    Ok the image quality is certainly atrocious as you make clear in the video. But to be honest, when I was a kid, I'd have had a blast with that image editor. Alas I was a kid in the 80s so all I could do was ask my dad to drop my Disc film or more likely the 110 roll off at the photomat.

  2. Chau Nguyen says:

    To be honest, the 4 years old me would like the camera…

  3. Capt TopGun says:

    This is the camera they use in all banks to secure their millions in the safe.

  4. UGH. Until now I forgot how awful some electronics were back then. I had a Casio QV-11 and it not only had awful picture quality and fixed limited storage but the only way to get the photos off was some sort of serial adapter that looked like a headphone jack on one end and had to connect to a PS/2 or similar socket. Then you need a driver to make that work so you might get your photos. I do not miss that at all!! Now I can take photos many times nicer with a smartphone and easily enough with some file browsing apps have easy high speed wireless access to the photos or just download them over USB. Who ever first came up with the idea of USB is a genius because now everything is much easier and faster with no need for weird adapters you might have trouble replacing. I wonder how many of those people had a Casio camera or something similar and lost or broke the adapter somehow. Without that a camera like that is junk.

  5. I want someone to actually make a slide show movie from this

  6. Ahmad Nasser says:

    Please refer to r/cursedimages should you wish to post any of the images taken using the Nick Click digital camera.

  7. I had the Barbie one, and I remember having more fun and spending more time with the included software than taking pictures with the camera. Pretty sure the camera died or got lost in the black hole that was my childhood room, and I couldn't have cared less. I do vividly remember playing with the software, though.

  8. “That looks suspiciously like a spiral galaxy” may be one of the greatest out of context phrases ever.

  9. YamiSatoshi says:

    Ooh, yes! Aweso

  10. The backrooms are inside the nick click.

  11. The camera we had (that we were allowed to use ourselves) was a Polaroid iZone from the early 2000s that oddly featured MP3 capabilities (probably because what else were they gonna do with the SD card slot). I still want to find a dedicated camera or camcorder, but I most likely don’t want to use this if I’m not interested in mosaics.

  12. HRW says:

    The publicity sign looks like the iCarly logo

  13. uvuweve osas says:

    And now you can buy a new smartphone with a way better cam than that für 70 €

  14. The HunteR says:

    Pause at 11:20 and look at the 7th image

  15. E.S. L says:

    Dang, I remember that thing. I was a bit grown out of Nick merch by ‘99 but sure remember seeing this thing

  16. harvey53141 says:

    Omg this camera has the same resolution as a potato but it’s cute🥔😂

  17. silly billy says:

    So this is like your kidizoom

  18. JLH M says:

    chuck it on a tripod and try to take the lowest resolution panorama?

  19. "Can you guess the resolution?"
    Idk… 320 pixels horizontal?
    "Shooting at a whopping 160×120"

  20. Nerys K says:

    Christ, I remember the Barbie version of this camera. I seem to recall it being advertised through inserts included with Barbie Adventure games. I never had one, but it caught my eye for sure.

  21. My Creations says:

    Hmm I really expected better quality for a camera from the 90s at least 1 mega pixel not 0.1 megapixel

  22. nanacrammin says:

    A Tecate and an LGR

  23. The nick click has the resolution of 144p! thats 256×263 of something..

  24. Depending on how much this camera is… buy two. Use one as the demo (or to try out) and keep the second one for nostalgic purposes or for your personal collection.

  25. I think a Raspberry Pi runs circles around this thing… then again, back then I guess, a high-res camera was a 2MP camera…

  26. Each of the nick click photos is 50 kilobytes. You could store 1 on an an 80kb 8 inch floppy disk.

  27. Legacy Depot says:

    Can this be used with a serial to usb adapter?
    I picked up the Barbie one and a ton of different software for it

  28. Flugene Gu says:

    Bahaha, this was my first digital camera

  29. It will then take 30 years…… priceless


  31. Plastic Icon says:

    Yeah. But can it "Doom"?

  32. anep paan says:

    11:20 dude im ded HAHAHAH