Scan for Vulnerabilities on Any Website Using Nikto [Tutorial]

March 13, 2019 by 44 Comments

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How to Scan Websites for Vulnerabilities with Nikto
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Not all websites are developed the same, and a lack of security measures is all the opening a hacker needs to wreak some havoc. In this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll show you how to scan websites for vulnerabilities with Nikto, a powerful but simple tool that can perform scans on SSL/HTTPS websites, an IP address for a service on a local network, or an older HTTP web domain.

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44 Replies to “Scan for Vulnerabilities on Any Website Using Nikto [Tutorial]”

  1. Nikhil Reddy says:

    Why nikto -h code is showing invalid ip error Please answer

  2. Soft Company says:

    How to scan .bazar domain?

  3. A .S says:

    Wait for me google, and prepare to be hacked.๐Ÿงผ

  4. Folgen Dhego says:

    the best BLINK all the time 1:82

  5. zac morris says:

    I might be slow or blind but where did you scan for vulnerability eg. ?

  6. Linux Jedi says:

    Important question, would OSINT tools work on Ubuntu LTS?

  7. bilal imran says:

    he don't blink

  8. Don Turra says:

    That electric sound effect at the end of the video – you got me. I even felt the vibration coming from my laptop. Fuck sake.

  9. Avci Beats says:

    skickar$ command not found, what to do?

  10. not visible clearly, too small display

  11. Look at this repo If u interested, put a star

  12. Please increase the terminal font

  13. DEMON says:

    Bruh this man is good at what he does but does he very fucking blink

  14. Qui86 says:

    Blink once, you snake bastard, noob.

  15. Max Powers says:

    WTF are those straight lines in the command for saving the nullbyte.txt file to targetip.txt? i don't have such characters on my keyboard. And where and how does this command work? I just wasted an hour of my life trying to figure out this command.

  16. Onion s says:

    Can we use this in Bug bounty?

  17. Mohie Ali says:

    You are very good presenter, but , this time, you are NOT, the video is very good if
    we can see what is written on the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You may choose to change the background color from black to white and writing color from green to black.
    Or, the bar minimum ; zoom in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, we can, what is written there and follow what you are saying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Just wanted to say thank you for your channel ๐Ÿ‘I appreciate your presentations

  19. Ganesh Cilpa says:

    whats the cmd for windows to install

  20. Hi sir
    Please tell me
    How to hack or edit games like a free fire,pubg,mpl,etc
    With the help of html language & server side scripting & client side scripting
    Please answer me sir please…

  21. nikto w nikt ekhto

  22. Adhnan Jafar says:

    $1000 to anyone who can beat him in a staring contest

  23. Maverick S. says:

    sir @Null Byte do you hack with your mac OS terminal or use a VM?

  24. Fudo Shin says:

    I done this using a VPN and used my Linux server on Hyper V manager! Love your videos!!!

  25. better to find Vulnerabilities on your own web site /

  26. i like that sepread this just for knowledge purpose

  27. can u tell me which linux u r using what type of linux system is best for find secure web kali , ubuntu or mac many people confusion on this i like ubuntu bcz its interface is beautiful but most ceh use kali or some red hat(tell me about your suggestions)

  28. i am using unity tweak tool i can just switch on windows only like in one window i can watch a video and it is playing but on the other i open a text based app or terminal etc how i can write there i am unable to write i want to use both what i do?

  29. 10:35 u r using mac ? what is best for other intel pcs

  30. So itโ€™s an nmap video!

  31. How I can write the stray up lines in the terminal? | awk '/Up$/{print $2}' |

  32. Is it illegal to run nikto on websites?

  33. Jon Martins says:

    Is that actually a macbook or a dell with hackintosh or virtual machine?

  34. Blacknova147 says:

    When I try to output the log to metasploit using '-Format msf+' kali linux spits back an error saying it's an invalid output format

  35. F R says:

    look at his left eye, once you notice the eye twitch you won't ever unsee it

  36. A3logics says:

    Hi, I am Scarlett from A3logics. I want to collaborate over Youtube. Please share your email. So I can share exact details.

  37. Jordan Tangy says:

    Hey really nice !
    Do you know how to bypass firewalls ? For some reason, -sS flag doesnt work when the network is set up with firewall or antivirus

  38. Jeff Poague says:

    Thanks for the info man!! No puns here.

  39. white hacker: show them on YouTube
    gray hacker: โ€ฆ..
    black hacker: any one know about them???????????????

  40. Aditya Gupta says:

    If you want to learn hacking come to null bytes…