Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.12.2) – March 2019

March 7, 2019 by 22 Comments

Welcome back to another top 10 Minecraft mods video! All of these mods have been updated to 1.12.2. If you enjoy the video, be sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe. Thanks for watching!



#10 (Exhausted Stamina) –

#9 (GooglyEyes) –

#8 (Apotheosis) –

#7 (Visuals) –

#6 (Camera Obscura) –

#5 (Mo’ Bends) –

#4 (NoCubes) –

#3 (Hex Lands) –

#2 (ICBM – Classic) –

#1 (Replay Mod) –


Minecraft Forge –


Music –
(Happy Life) –


22 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.12.2) – March 2019”

  1. no cubes is cursed

  2. Kopi says:

    Hex lands doesent work with open terrain generator requared mods . some help?

  3. dean morgan says:

    Pls do top 10 worst minecraft mods or five

  4. are you from the future?!?!?!?! cus its not even march yet lol

  5. there is five nights at freddys mod (fnaf universe)

  6. At 2:31 you can see the word "MOD" pop up

  7. Crazy TD says:

    this channel is the best when you want to make a modpack like me!!!!!!!! im gonna give him a shoutout when i play my modpack and have a lot of viewers

  8. Wish these were for 1.13 the water is so much better..

  9. Kim Jong Un says:

    The GooglyEyes Mod kinda Cute. Btw thanks dude, you are really helping me finding mods for 1.12.2

  10. why I watch this video

  11. Nova750 says:

    no cubes mod is pain juice for my eyes

  12. Eliza J says:


  13. Qubold says:

    Wings Mod !

  14. PiotrKaisaw says:

    I couldn't find the Apotheosis mod for 1.12.2 🙁

  15. Mat1as 175 says:

    the ICBM dont load in aternos server,says "fatal missing entitys" help

  16. jad rattrout says:

    does any body know how to use the morph mod

  17. Apotheosis adds much more than enchants lol

    Good vid anyway

  18. glass pane is paneful

  19. Tech Nayrt says:

    Fernandez Esquivel Joaquin