Track a Target Using Canary Token Tracking Links [Tutorial]

March 16, 2019 by 31 Comments

How to Use Canary Tracking Token Links to Monitor Targets
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For a hacker interested in phishing, being able to monitor whether the target took the bait is essential. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll show you how to use Canary token links to track how the links are interacted with and from where. You could mask these links using a URL shortener like Bitly or via a document such as a PDF. There are lots of avenues to explore.

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31 Replies to “Track a Target Using Canary Token Tracking Links [Tutorial]”

  1. Al 8 says:

    Any more channels like this?

  2. is there a way to track someones complete address? not just city or country, but possibly even street name? or at least smaller area? Thank you for the knowledge

  3. Aden S says:

    I am from indonesia . I like your videos.. all you videoss😊

  4. diy creative says:

    very good video ,but one question how do you check or expose the link that have been sent to you is a kanari token or or not and is he trying to get information about you

  5. Thanks, Great tutorials!

  6. What about doing a video on tracking an Iphone when it is powered off?

  7. Ricky says:

    Man u r ohh man…

  8. Alpha Neon says:

    Please never change bro, you just don’t know how these videos helped some of us get the knowledge which made us get employed. Thanks man

  9. Looks like Slack is making a request to retrieve the content-length header.

  10. Just stumbled upon Canary Tokens today and tested it out. I have a question though. When the link is clicked, it shows my public PAT IP. Does anyone know how to set this up so it will report on the internal IP, assuming someone on my network is accessing the file?

  11. Brett S. says:

    Kody!! 👍🏼

  12. ipod and ipad are read as mac

  13. Hlo sir,
    It shows victims public ip…. If we want private ip of victim then what we have to do??
    Reply pls sir…

  14. These r the types of hacks I do0

  15. Bro could you make a video on how to get information about someone with his/her email address? to know more about the person

  16. 2A ADDICT says:

    I get this error "This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details." after clicking History. To get to the JavaScript console in Microsoft Edge, click on the three black dots in the top right hand corner just below the exit button for the web browser, hover your cursor over the "More Tools" option, then click "Developer Tools". There's also keyboard shortcuts if you don't want to take the long way, Microsoft Edges keyboard shortcut is F12 and Google chromes keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+I.

  17. junosoft says:

    Canary tokens appears to have stopped working altogether

  18. Jason Malone says:

    I would love a video on how to back up or clone your kali linux install so you can move it to another computer without going through the hassle of reinstalling EVERYTHING. please and thank you.

  19. I bet 10 bill nobody can beat you in a staring contest

  20. joe Mckibbin says:

    When he says track dose he mean location or cyber activity

  21. Gps locaton is not accurate, it shows 1000km difference

  22. Does it work on Snapchat ?

  23. M1CH34L_ 88 says:

    I thought i couldnt do anything in my life no more but i saw your video , thank you btw

  24. B34rCl4w 666 says:

    grabify with another name lol

  25. I tied to run it on my iPad and it says that google maps didn’t load correctly. See javaScrip ? Great tool hope you help to solve my problem

  26. There should be a chrome exstension which blocks you from visiting ip loggers.

  27. Ro_Noah says:

    This is kinda late like grabafiy

  28. 'known tor exit node'

    so, i'm guessing that if we can keep cycling the tor circuits , when we find not-known and are using tor we may have a rogue tor exit node? just an outside the box idea 🙂

  29. Thanks to wisehacker101atgmailcom for the help they're intelligent and smart. Phonehacking btc mining etc

  30. L D says:

    So how do we take it down….