Waterjet Tank Cleaning Bubble Bath – Waterjet Channel – Interesting Q&A

You’ve got Questions, we’ve got snarky responses.

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Extreme Fast Waterjet Tank Cleaning. We answer some questions, and have some fun.

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20 Replies to “Waterjet Tank Cleaning Bubble Bath – Waterjet Channel – Interesting Q&A”

  1. Have you ever wanted to make your own knife? We have several designs to choose from, or you can customize your own design. https://waterjetknives.com (Use code 20OFF2 for 20% off two items) Starting at $11.

  2. dylan wight says:

    Can I clean my pinky in your kitchen sinky

  3. Ravindra R says:

    Hay guys, have you cut fiber cement sheet went board with water jet cutter

  4. bobbeamis1 says:

    Next time get a truck vacuum, you will be done in 20 min.

  5. Can you guys cut a running engine? Could you also make it turn over while cutting?

  6. Danger Bear says:

    Mitchell, what does your forehead taste like??

  7. What do you do with all the used garnet?

  8. What do you do with all the used garnet?

  9. Jon Marsh says:

    Can I buy your broken plasma table?

  10. How much do water jets cost?

  11. How long do you answer questions for? Jk, you would probably never see this…

  12. Do you guys recycle the garnet or no?

  13. The circles are drawing blanks?

  14. Joe Rogan says:

    Their shop is called "The Circle Cutting Factory"

  15. leon Abbott says:

    Do you like narwhales

  16. Salm Alsalm says:

    مرحبا …
    لماذا لاتقومون بالزخرفة النباتية على ألواح رخامية منوعة ..
    للحصول على تحف ولوحات فنية جميلة ..
    وذلك بتبديل القطع من كل لون لوح للوح الأخر ..
    اللون الأخضر ورق النبات وبالبني الساق أو الجذع وباقي الألوان أزهار ..

  17. Rob Johnson says:

    haha! i have that exact same jet at work. actually i have three of them. and i hate them all. but we do have a pump system that pumps the garnet into a little hopper so we don't have to dig the shit out. so i suppose i could be happy about that.

  18. Scoobs McDoo says:

    What do I have to do to for someone to pay me to play with a water jet? Is there a school or an apprenticeship you have to go through? How did you guys settle on this as a career?

  19. J P E says:

    Mitchell is likely immune to COVID by now, the only person who can match his immune system is Gordon Ramsay