Cutting Pizza with 60,000 PSI Waterjet

Who cut it best? Have you ever had a pizza cut into 7 perfect slices? Should every pizza place get a waterjet?

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We went to a few pizza places to find one that would let us film. Then we tested who cut it best. I thought the waterjet held its own pretty well, but i’m pretty biased in these waterjet vs battles. This is a perfect life hack and experiment for anyone that likes pizza.

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33 Replies to “Cutting Pizza with 60,000 PSI Waterjet”

  1. nerf_me! says:

    i fucking love the old dude. hes like there set 8 kids teacher XD

  2. Big John says:

    Good cutting lads

  3. Tony M says:

    Fun channel to watch,
    If you two start fighting than you will ruin everything

  4. Is that Papa John's? It looks like Papa John's.

  5. Nobody:

  6. Honestly if waterjets cut as fast pizza like that in 3 seconds it would be a legit option for pizza shops lol

  7. that was amazing! Thank you for giving us this content

  8. BINOD BINOD says:

    16 sec or mintues

  9. I was a Pizza hut manager back in the 80s it took around 3-4 seconds with our rocking blade we didnt use those sissy wheels..

  10. Brock House says:

    The pizza just moved when you cut it. You guys had in centered.

  11. Brian Ward says:

    I would have been SO disappointed had they not thrown that plastic snowball against the wall!

  12. Me, a cook at a pizza shop: I'm sold.

  13. natethegreat says:

    That first cut took 16 minutes? Obviously not a typo

  14. Charon III says:

    I cut a pizza cutter and it cut me :/ it flinged in my cheeck and almost went through

  15. guest1754 says:

    Great, I now want a pizza.

  16. InterMystery says:


  17. Kacy Watson says:

    The waterjet was just ultimately better. Amazing!

  18. Sam Anderson says:

    Waterjet investment break-even for a small pizza shop…
    Never. Waterjet manufacturer owns your ass. Better learn how to cut some circles out of steel.

  19. Who needs Scissors or a Pizza Cutter where you can cut the pizza on a faster approach.

  20. Lets face it though, they could afford this because pizzas sell better than metal circles. Its reasonable.

  21. Ok now flow is being pressured (pun intended) to make a pizza cutting water jet. But now get a laser cutter and try that! Lol

  22. I need a cross section of a chipotle burrito. And KFC. And I need dinner

  23. Heh, you guys use music by David Cutter for your waterjet cutter videos. haha, lol… (Sorry, It sounded better in my head & Im not saying anything about the pizza cutter either).

  24. can you imagine if that was butter instead of water? Next big invention.

  25. Scott Hays says:

    I feel like the poor lady felt rushed, she could probably do better if she weren't on camera lol

  26. Caleb Poley says:

    Real talk those pizzas look delectable

  27. G Rosa says:

    I’m watching this at 6:54 AM and now I want pepperoni and sausage pizza

  28. Now I have seen everything.