Discover & Scan for Devices on a Network with ARP [Tutorial]

April 9, 2019 by 46 Comments

How to Analyze & Visualize Network Hosts with ARP
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For a hacker, understanding a network environment is a crucial step in preparing for an attack. This involves scanning a network and identifying the various devices, or hosts, on that network to pinpoint your target. Today, on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll show you how to use ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) to scan and discover devices on a network. We’ll be using tools such as ARP-scan, Wireshark, and Netdiscover to locate and identify the IP address and MAC address for target devices.

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46 Replies to “Discover & Scan for Devices on a Network with ARP [Tutorial]”

  1. Olee _ says:

    proper video as usual 🙂

  2. Can you show hackers do router poisoning?

  3. Great Tutorial! You don't have to but could you do a Hydra Tutorial?

  4. 萧衡 says:

    is what coming next ARP-poisoning?

  5. Which laptop you're using? What are the specs and model number?

  6. Rory Wall says:

    hey i love your vids very much

    keep it up

  7. Alex C says:

    Great as always.

  8. Thank you for giving us reliable content every week .

  9. Reva Revanth says:

    When I tried in userland …for arp-scan -l

    It is showing
    pcap_lookupdev: Can't open /sys/class/net: Permission denied

  10. Really appreciated that you explain the concepts at the beginning!

  11. Mr GFY says:

    null byte ^.^/

  12. Manoj V rao says:

    Sir please tell how to hack Instagram account

  13. zed robot says:

    Please make a tutorial on how to use metasploit to hack devices

  14. Code Chapter says:

    0:59 iiiiii. MAC address

  15. Yosf Criss says:

    Hi freind give me host nam maroc telecome

  16. Private says:

    Kody could this somehow be used with Airgraph-ng to show these ARP and MAC address relationships?

  17. GNinja490 says:

    Hi Kody, just a quick question: is it inherently dangerous to be showing your mac address to the public? I notice that you blur them out most of the time; however, I still see them crop up once in a while in your videos. I know someone could impersonate another machine using it, but that only seems to be possible when on the same network.

  18. Cyber weapon says:

    Broooo do a video on dragon blood tool for cracking WPA3 wifi password.

  19. J M says:

    Best vids on here! 🙂

  20. I hope to put a translation in Arabic💔

  21. Alright now my friend once again u nailed it so Kool I hope all is well enjoy your evening to everybody thanks

  22. Radostin Dimitrov

    преди 2 минути (редактиран)

    Hi I am looking in Laptops so I can put linux kali. this is awkward question and probably it is too stupid to ask but still, I need to ask it:

    1. as it is laptop and not windows can you still can't connect wirelessly without a connect hub right 😀

    2. same one as 1 but what about with linux parrot

    3. wich one will you reccoment kali or parrot

    4. can you install still the C# or C++ or Java that you can program on a linux

    5. what type of parameters do you reccoemtn for linux with kali or parrot

  23. 5C4M M4C5 says:


  24. 5C4M M4C5 says:

    An vídeo of IPTABLES with nat configuration

  25. 5C4M M4C5 says:

    An vídeo of IPTABLES with nat configuration

  26. What would be an some advantages/disadvantages of using arp-scan or netdiscover rather than nmap?

  27. gueric21 says:

    Great series on cyber weapons.
    Null byte has never disapointed since day one. Thank you.

  28. Heyy bro we wants more videos on wireshark

  29. blood heck not everyone knows the instalation show us how to do it step by step

  30. xxanub1sxx says:

    Someone said that your channel will be banned

  31. Nikola Nojic says:

    I wished for so long that someone made videos like posts were made on Null Byte , and damn im impressed by your chanel thanks so much !

  32. Melon. says:

    can you alo do this on mac with

    arp -a

  33. NYC HAZE says:

    I Put Arp -a and it replies
    ? ( at <incomplete> on eth0 ….. How do I fix ? Please anyone

  34. 2A ADDICT says:

    if you go to and scroll down to the build section you'll see that it will no longer be "./configure", instead it'll be "cmake".

  35. Onion s says:

    Null-byte vs Hackersploit

  36. OM kumar says:

    plzzz upload video from how to trace mc address in kali linux

  37. Dylan J says:

    Or… How to discover your device when you've forgotten the IP address 🙁

  38. Dylan J says:

    Is there a way I can set my netmask so that I capture all ARP traffic even if I do not know the subnet of the network?

  39. Ninja Kwix says:

    how can u pull an up off of a console using this

  40. David Castro says:

    is possible get the username of some host?

  41. Neon_AXE says:

    Now Ik no one is on my network xd