EASY 1.14 Villager Breeder Tutorial | Automatic, Village & Pillage

April 7, 2019 by 42 Comments

In this video I show you how to make a villager breeder that works in Minecraft 1.14. πŸ‘ This villager farm should also work on the village & pillage updates on Bedrock Edition (1.8-1.11). The farm is fully automatic and very very cheap & easy to make.

Info – 1:20
Materials – 2:07
Step 1 – 2:42
Step 2 – 3:20
Step 3 – 3:30
Step 4 – 4:03
Step 5 – 4:50
Step 6 – 5:50
Step 7 – 7:00
Step 8 – 8:28
Step 9 – 9:20
Troubleshooting – 10:15

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42 Replies to “EASY 1.14 Villager Breeder Tutorial | Automatic, Village & Pillage”

  1. wattles says:

    Here's an updated breeder! This one broke (kinda) in 1.14.3! πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰

  2. seconds 1-10, juat likw bCK TO SCHOOL MARKETING

  3. im playing in my server and the villigers wont pick a job they just trying to walk true the slabs im on 1.14 and i did everything that you need to do there is a setting in the server that maybe i can change so it will work? (i was waiting for like 20 min and none of the has a job)

  4. ChrisG022 says:

    Can they fall off the bed

  5. Meanwhile,
    Pewdipie: FRICKKK!!!

  6. Uber Tuber says:

    None of these things work on Console why does console suck so much

  7. Unique2k says:

    This is pretty cool and all but what’s the point of making one?

  8. Blakely says:

    wait so how do i get the crops from them?

  9. All baby villagers shal be kidnaped and put in the sewers

  10. lol ima just leave the baby villagers to fall to the death haha haha

  11. Can't make the only two villagers I have to frick, any advice, I brought them from so far away to my base, so much work for nothing, one of them is absolutely retarded, he doesn't have a job and he never sleeps.

  12. MUSU says:

    Yeah and now how do you collect the foodπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Hani J says:

    why do u have to make the villagers move 64 blocks aways

  14. We can also put wheat and beetroot

  15. TYB-Largo says:

    Thank you so mucch this was so helpful

  16. Chickenbird6 says:

    haven’t tried it yet but it sounds like it will work

  17. Does it work on ps4

  18. Could you do 3 sides of water paths instead of 2 i know its overkill, but i’m curious if that works too

  19. Nathan says:

    How did you get the farmers to there when i try to bring them to the farm they turn into different villagers

  20. I made this successfully and easily but when I found zombie villagers to trap and cure, I got nitwit villagers πŸ™

  21. Predmaster says:

    Anyone know if this farm can "break" the villager's cap in ps4 edition?
    Thanks in advance, and good video πŸ‘

  22. Thanks a lot!
    I love this design

    In bedrock edition

  23. Hider says:

    if I have other farms around them, is it a problem?

  24. Denis Uzum says:

    Ah yes enslaved infinite items

  25. @wattles I made the farm but the baby villagers seem to be avoiding the trap door holes. Am I missing something?

  26. Build it 2 high but not 2 high

  27. Josh Day says:

    please do it!!! i want the video

  28. GibsonSwag says:

    So the villagers breed by themselves?

  29. saurav lakum says:

    How about the torches to stop mobs to start mobs to spawn

  30. Toast says:

    I’m guessing this doesn’t work in 1.15, I did a stupid and made it in the wrong version:)

  31. KingCheckOut says:

    I Search up how to stop villager breeding

  32. CHKNx GMNG says:

    Does it work in Minecraft Pocket edition?

  33. If I adjust the tick rate to 35 like uasally do. would it affect it

  34. Jqqy says:

    Does this still work in 1.15.2?

  35. Asthetic says:


  36. GlitchyBacon says:

    can you do this with 2 villagers only??

  37. ty so much M8 it was so helpful