Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.12.2) – April 2019

April 1, 2019 by 50 Comments

Happy April 1st! Completely normal video here (really though). Here are 10 more Minecraft mods, ready for you to download. If you’d like to recommend any mods, definitely do so in the comments below. Thanks for watching!



#10 (Torch Lever) –

#9 (Chunk Animator) –

#8 (Carry On) –

#7 (Doggy Talents) –

#6 (Huds – Armor Status & Damage Indicators) –

#5 (MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod) –

#4 (Grappling Hook Mod) –

#3 (AmbientSounds 3) –

#2 (Atum 2) –

#1 (Beta+) –


Minecraft Forge –


Music –
(Happy Life) –


50 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.12.2) – April 2019”

  1. Марги says:

    imagine running from creeper (r something) with your dog in hands aND ur dog have low health

  2. Марги says:

    *having Carry on
    *playing survival
    *sees dog
    *don't have bones
    *picks up dog

  3. Марги says:

    Carry on:*can places mobs on top of each other
    Llama tower: am I a joke 2 u

  4. Lobiankk says:

    1:02 "Carry on mod"


  5. RobloxGo says:

    I used all of these mods for a mod pack and it was actually pretty good and fun

  6. If you want minecraft with guns

    Just play castleminer z

  7. Chunk loaded my minecraft fps 1

  8. Pie Guy says:

    I am creating a mega mod pack simply called “MineMods.” I’m getting a lot of mods from your videos…thank you!

  9. is huds and hwyla compatible?

  10. Kyoz says:

    I love ambient sounds, I was already use it but I think he is a little repetitive. I love you videos, continue !

  11. Joseph Miner says:

    My fav mod is……

    Inventory Pets

  12. Althag says:

    make more 1.12.2 mods plz! I already tell your channel to my friends! 😀

  13. Just bunch of mainly useless mods

  14. Can i use latest version of forge to play older mods or do i have to use an older version of forge

  15. wanna bet this comment gets pined

  16. i cant find hwyla for 1.12.2.. somebody help meee


  18. Whiskey says:

    how open de portal

  19. Whiskey says:

    need find or you have to do

  20. : says:

    the mod for Chunk Animator is for 1.13.2 lol.

  21. aprenderias españpl
    res bueno pero casi no entiendo

  22. William says:

    All these mods are boring

  23. Tiliger says:

    Honestly I perked up when I saw the texture pack in the end

  24. these mods be slappin

  25. xXdavidXx says:

    this video is a masterpiece

  26. Inky Ben says:

    i am unsubing you lair doggy tallents goes as low as 1.13 idiot!

  27. Nikolai Orr says:

    you know, draconic evolution has some AWESOME animations in it but by god that chunk animator is so damn cool

  28. KILL ME says:

    the best mods thx.

  29. You missed ice and fire dragons in a whole new light mod

  30. This guy does em good, straightforward and with no time wasted, Its worth a sub just for that

  31. bardox says:

    hmm have a feel these are not the best for april since it was posted on april 1st
    but i really don,t care there good

  32. Arcalus says:

    Idk why but in my opinion thoose mods were kinda boring

  33. bro what freaking shader do you use?? I've needed one for so long but can't find any ones that feel right. They're awesome, but my preference would be something like yours.

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    Thank you for making this very interesting video.

    You can download new Minecraft Mods at website: https: //

    Wish you have fun playing the game !

  35. Danko 1 says:

    I love minecraft mods to bad my computer is a potato


  37. Yo that bird tweeting could be really annoying after a while

  38. 黒猫 says:

    Does Carry On mod support 1.12.2?

  39. Drunken Slav says:

    Thanks for making it compact, thats very respectable, here's a like

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