1.14 Iron Farm! (simplest) | vanilla survival Minecraft [CHECK description]

May 22, 2019 by 45 Comments

Edit: 1.16+ iron farm changes https://youtu.be/K-kKkPzRlXM
Edit: new version here for pre release 2+: https://youtu.be/laliBl481hk
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Very simple iron farm for 1.14+ to produce iron ingots and poppies. This is the minimal requirements for an iron farm and it makes 64 ingots/ 12 hrs. There are many bugs that are currently affecting better rates for this type of farm.

World Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/e56e4xhbo2qyb01/1.14_simp_iron_farm_WDL.zip/file

All about Compost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJknUNAe8j8
Wutax iron farms: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcHyxtttXVEp-VaBtKp4wjw
FACS village datapack: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ncccyeppv3agi44/Villager_Stats_1.14_bugproof.zip/file
Minecraft page: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-1-14-2-pre-release-1?3

Villager flickers professions bug: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-152613
Villager dont sleep bug: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-149099
Villagers dont restock trades bug: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-147740
Villager farming not working well bug: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-148013

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45 Replies to “1.14 Iron Farm! (simplest) | vanilla survival Minecraft [CHECK description]”

  1. Gumby1 says:

    I did some work on small iron farms and it makes sense that if you have 5 villagers they have to talk to 100% of the other villagers to spawn a golem. If you have 10 or 20 villagers they can build up 5 gossips easier. The 5 villager iron farm will never work well. If you have time Ray check out the iron farm I built.

  2. Very nice and tidy farm.

  3. i mean i can see why those full releases where still being called snapshots!

  4. saw141 says:

    I really dislike the villager changes, I like nearly everything else in 1.14. I wish Microsoft and Mojang hadn't done this.

  5. Finally a design that is a bit simpler. The whole gossip “preparation” just lost me completely and zapped the fun out of iron farming. Still not going to update but it’s nice to see things are improving.

  6. Isaac E says:

    36 ingots an hour. From like 36,000 in 1.13 best farms. 🙁

  7. If you put more villagers in it will it produce more iron?

  8. One problem u need to change the cauldron to loom cauldron are really costly

  9. Livid Imp says:

    Speaking of bad bugs, has anyone else noticed how badly the villagers avoid zombies now? They leave the doors open all the time when going to sleep, or they'll just path straight into a zombie that is chasing them. I've had multiple villages lose every villager, even on normal difficulty because they don't close the doors.

  10. Good video, as always

  11. Colox says:

    you gave no information on the efficency-to-floor-area at all, is it still the more the better or the new spawning algorithm tries to spawn golems until it summons one?

  12. ShinkaPlant says:

    ‘Single blob of blood” Family-Friendly video gone wrong! (NOT CLICKBAIT)

  13. AceMcCrank says:

    To keep the villagers from swapping jobs, trade with them.

  14. Joe DiMaggio says:

    What is the spawn radius of golems now? 19x19x6? is it centered on the bed?

  15. SupremeDeity says:

    just use a repeating command block 😛

  16. Ohh wow, only 5 dudes, that mean you officially win the small challenge I had offered shortly after 1.14.x type of iron farms. This is well under the dozen that I had asked for, and therefore makes me extremely happy.

  17. so now we can have iron farms in the Nether
    but there we don't have water, could you please show an example how it could work?
    (maybe a mob in a cage which the golems try to attack, and magma blocks / wither roses around?)

  18. Mmm M says:

    This is like a paper about how iron farms works, I appreciate all that info you gathered for us!

  19. Can I build it under ground? Or it needs sky access

  20. I dont get why people say we are running out of resources when we have iron farms like this

  21. Squadricet says:

    trade with the villegers to keep thier professions

  22. Clewl Tetsui says:

    Actually that fire was trying to burn on the iron trap door much like stone near a lava pool getting fire on top, ofc it doesn't really matter and in all these cases the blocks are fireproof.

  23. Nate Simmons says:

    Some one said you needed 20 villagers, beds and workstations? maybe get more than 32 per 12 hours?

  24. Hel ved says:

    36 iron/h? not really much

  25. This iron farm didnt work for me

  26. Aurimo says:

    Makes 120 of these
    "Now I get 1 stack of iron per minute"
    Most of it is unloaded

  27. I don’t mean to be rude but are you sick? You voice gets kinda annoying after a while. No offense. Maybe try something like breathmints that clear it up. Not trying to be mean just trying to help

  28. Swagzy says:

    There is no composters on ps4

  29. Spoog Cook says:

    Does this work for Xbox 1? Iv tried like 10 iron farms now and none of them work…

  30. Pingi says:

    I want to build this on our server, but we changed the worldspawn. Have the spawnchunks changed too?

  31. asailijhijr says:

    What is the closest together that you can put multiples of these?

  32. - Notch - says:

    There is also a weird bug where mobs get attracted to slabs and start jumping up and down toward it

  33. Kevin Ruiz says:

    does this work on xbox?

  34. Cool, now I don't have to waste my time mining again. And flying to other chunks. I never thought I would decided to make an iron farm until now.

  35. It's not working, the villagers when getting out of bed end up in the pool and gets killed

  36. I'm glad that you aren't screaming at me

  37. Sean Ybarra says:

    Your voice is so ugly

  38. Can i use old villager ( 1.13) in the lastest update 14.3 for iron golem farm

  39. Jeff Waters says:

    probably one of the worst farm instructional videos ever made. You have to jump around the video to find anything about specific block lengths and you get off topic constantly.

  40. ツRYGUY says:

    I would throw all the iron in lava and keep all the roses

  41. where is the tutorial?? idk how to build this (:

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