A Hacker’s Guide to Programming Microcontrollers [Tutorial]

May 16, 2019 by 28 Comments

How to Program in Arduino for Hacking Projects
Full Tutorial: http://bit.ly/HackMCU
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Knowing how to make use of small-form computers and microcontrollers is a valuable skill for a hacker. But first you have to know the differences between them before you can program them to tailor to your needs. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll give you a short introduction to programming microcontrollers.

MCU options:

Kit with everything but the MCU:

Breadboard options:

Micro-USB cable:

Jumper wires:

Resistors and LEDs:

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28 Replies to “A Hacker’s Guide to Programming Microcontrollers [Tutorial]”

  1. LANstorm says:

    Instructions unclear. My house burned down

  2. 9:10 -> two close parentheses doesn't mean void function.

  3. i was hoping for low level micro chip programming with C, or ASM. but it was still cool

  4. AND I really hope, that that was just an introduction to something incredibly awesome

  5. Hard to see, make videos in 18:9 format, it’s 2k19 everyone watches on their phones…

  6. Can you tell me specification computer for learn hacking

  7. TRAFFIC says:

    Can you Create video about microchip And I just wanna ask one question Can we hack our phone's number contour it also microchip how can we do something to it

  8. bro i like this channel very much , i watched all of your videos and learned a lot ,, but the title is not correct to this video ,, its all about basics of micro controller , and blinking of lights,,yeah micro controllers are very usefully and node mcu is cool with wifi module,,we can try raspberry pi for high performance but it costs too much ,,but i would be glad if that micro controller is used in a way for hacking,,can we install any tool on it for hacking i mean does it support any hacking tool ,,,, and i have a small question bro i use kali linux using a virtual box so in virtual box wifi could not be connected directly as in virtual box does not access wifi adapter of laptop and it takes internet connection as wired directly from laptop ,,you said we need a external adapter to connect ,,yeah its true ,,but is there a way to use monitor mode using node mcu without using external adapter and to connect to wifi or scan for wifi if possible plz make a video on that bro,and later i realized dual boot is much advantage for kali linux ,bro could make a video on dual booting kali linux in much better and easy ways that are available mostly without using third party softwares and much safer for the system ,,and as well as safely reverting the dual boot or removing the dual boot safely,,i did dual boot on my old system but later when i removed kali ,i found the partioned drive disappear,many videos are available how to dual in various ways but removing is not said ,,later i changed os for drive recovery however luckily that worked,,i would be glad if you make videos on this bro,,and plz make a video on explaining networks and how they work bro if possible ,,and with some basic linux commands and syntax ,,and perfect way to install kali so it does not have drawbacks,,and if possible plz make a video on how to use kali tools based on the commands that show(as guide /help/synatxs it shows upon opening a tool) when we open a tool in terminal mostly i dont get to use as mentioned in the syntax or dont know which order i need to use it,,bro plz show the ways how to use the tools even without graphical interface and the packages that are need to be installed for using a particular tool bro i realized this when you told about wifite tool it took many packages to be installed, and then only i realised for the need of wifi adapter,,bro plz specify some hardware requirements and package requirements at begining of your video and the updates that are need to be done,,and some packages to get we need to edit some sorce file i did not remember it ,where we keep some paths to the packages that are mentioned in kali offical site (some repository path i think so )then we can get some packages to install and update bro i could not make it perfectly could you make a video on that bro specifying all required paths/links,,,for updating or getting all packages,,and possible last request bro make a video on connecting and discovering to a target remote device or system over internet,, and thanks bro if you completely read my full comment with patience ,, bro why dont you monitize this channel ?

  9. younlok says:

    can u increase the font size please

  10. I would like to see more tutorial, documents how to be hacker. Not to do bad things just because but, I want to be steps further in my own bubble how to protect myself, my family especially in this World witch going to be more connected to internet. I love your work !

  11. MarioLoco03 says:

    What language is this? I have to do something similar for work but instead using a range finder to trigger a servo.

  12. Please make a few videos on coding in Python…Maybe just 1 -2 ..so we can get the hang of it. I feels the start is insanely boring and the learning curve is STEEP. Partly becaue i'm not native english speaking so these concepts are both hard to understand, remember, and cant translate many of the phrases to my own langauge – it is expert language you wont find in mainsteam english websites! And they speak in codes..assume we know something we dont..dont explain well enough and what not. Right now I'm using the raspberry pi coding projects for learning and it is a much betetr way of learning. Learning by doing and in a fun and easy way.

  13. Walter Ehren says:

    My MCU exam starts in an hour, so thank you Youtube recommendation!

  14. The title is a bit misleading. I was expecting use cases of Arduino for hacking.

  15. Hello, you could make a video where to install the modules for a MCU kit V.1. Do you install the entire system and its components again?

    I have one and I would like to make a hard reset of its components

  16. William. says:

    How do I connect the esp board with the computer?

  17. Wt is u r qualification bro

  18. S C says:

    ben eater is much better at teaching electronics

  19. Juju Kim says:

    This was a fun video.

  20. Nic Sanchez says:

    Your poor keyboard, lol

  21. Dude, I really loved this video. Been looking at Microcontrollers for a while now and this really cleared a lot up for me. Thanks!

    Also, what software did you use to write and upload the code to the Microcontroller. I had got Flowcode but Idk if that's the right one.

  22. tks a lot .. 👏👏

  23. No Name says:

    Is it possible to do this but with a calculator?

  24. rain tamm says:

    do you know how to hack microthip in human

  25. luke B says:

    uno inside a breadboard😱 not sure id make use of it that way but still its pretty cool👌

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