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In this video I teach you how to make a fully automatic berry farm. This is a very easy auto farm & could supply you with food early – mid game. The design utilizes a fox to do the harvesting and a track to do the pickup.

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  1. wattles says:

    Happy Friday! 😎

    Here’s a link to the tutorial playlist 👉

  2. Coleman _ says:

    You cant use glass for powering the rails it just dosent work.

  3. Jason18EDM says:

    How does the berry end up in the hopper?

  4. Will the foxes continue to pick berries even if it already has one in it's mouth?

  5. FruitGirl77 says:

    Thanks for a great and very simple video!

  6. skippy says:

    Why won’t the fox eat the berries?

  7. PercoH says:

    plagiarism Дима Скрынник

  8. TinDoe says:

    my foxes are broken, they wont pick up anything…

  9. KEY BBOARD says:

    We have foxes on bedrock too

  10. Max K says:

    Hardest part is taiming a Fox:
    -Bring a bow to kill chickens on the road
    -Bring extra leaches, sometimes they break and your fox picks them up
    -Avoid snow area, foxes try to hunt under the snow

  11. Sk1re says:

    what if i had more than 1 fox in there? sometimes all the berries grow before he harvests them.

  12. Mine isn’t working? The foxes aren’t eating? I’ve been playing for over an hour and they haven’t eaten the berries. One of the foxes had wheat in its mouth when I first got it and it is still holding jt

  13. Hopefully foxes get introduced to Xbox so I can use this awesome berry farm. I’m currently using a non automatic farm.

  14. Tee_Y YeeT says:

    Oh sorry I left my fox back at "THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP" bus station

  15. Tee_Y YeeT says:

    All of you chumps from 2019, behold I am your superior, I'm from… 3019 anyone………

  16. Does this work for bedrock now that it has foxes?

  17. MR OHIO V2 says:

    Does this work on bedrock?

  18. Billy says:

    Do the foxes despawn? Do I tame them?

  19. Andrei Miga says:

    I've built it and the fox keeps harvesting the berries at stage 2 instead of stage 3. This causes only 1 berry to drop and the fox eats it immediately. In 1 hour I got 26 berries from the lucky times when the stage 2 bush dropped 2 berries.

  20. FanUpFaker says:


  21. BossCash says:

    i was literally able to make the farm just going off of 0:19

  22. deagleninja says:

    To anyone having issues with this farm's minecarts or foxes not picking berries you can always put hoppers directly under tilled farmland and the hoppers will suck the berries straight thru the soil, no minecart needed.

  23. Andrei Miga says:

    This could be A LOT MORE efficient if you used bees to help the berries grow 🙂

  24. I will make 1 farm but will make it bigger. Do i need more foxes?

  25. Ty says:

    is the fox absolutely necessary ?

  26. Has anyone tested this farm in bedrock? Specifically in 1.16? I'd really appreciate the help if anyone knows if it will work or not.

  27. Ayden_ am says:

    This doesn’t work thanks for taking all my iron ur really helpful

  28. DANIEL SALEM says:

    If you expand, will you need more foxes?

  29. says chicken when he means cats 3:13

  30. PureComet says:

    Does snow goxes work

  31. Does it work on 1.16.1?

  32. Does this farm work in bedrock edition?

  33. scotch1701 says:

    I get around one berry every 20 minutes.

  34. Jam Hopsey says:

    Foxes are nocturnal make sure you run it at night

  35. Mr.Mr.Mr. 99 says:

    Exactly how effective is this?

  36. T-BoT says:

    Bedrock has foxes! Woohoo!

  37. You failed to mention that a setting needs to be modified. This is a deal breaker for many and many tried and reached the same result as me

  38. Which fox will we need tamed or wild?

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