Identify & Target Bluetooth Devices with Bettercap [Tutorial]

May 17, 2019 by 39 Comments

How to Hack Bluetooth Devices All Around You
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Bluetooth devices are everywhere. However, hacking these devices can be challenging unless you have a tool that can help you target them specifically. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll show you a module in Bettercap that enables you to scan for and query the services of Bluetooth devices. Even if devices use MAC address randomization, there are still ways to track them over time.

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39 Replies to “Identify & Target Bluetooth Devices with Bettercap [Tutorial]”

  1. Which is are u using and how have u booted the os

  2. xStrands says:

    kids on my school bus always blast music on their speaker im planning on stopping that

  3. About to do this on my neighbors no 🧢 They be putting music late at night and sometimes even in the morning. Their yelling is already enough.

  4. Thanks now i can ruin my party in school

  5. Ayush Prasad says:

    its showing "socket for SIOCETHTOOL(ETHTOOL_GET_TS_INFO): Socket type not supported" please help

  6. 2A ADDICT says:

    You said in the video that the "net.recon" would be running by default but mine isn't. >>>>
    any.proxy > not running > not running

    arp.spoof > not running

    ble.recon > not running

    caplets > not running

    dhcp6.spoof > not running

    dns.spoof > not running > running

    gps > not running

    hid > not running

    http.proxy > not running

    http.server > not running

    https.proxy > not running

    https.server > not running

    mac.changer > not running

    mdns.server > not running

    mysql.server > not running

    net.probe > not running

    net.recon > not running

    net.sniff > not running

    packet.proxy > not running

    syn.scan > not running

    tcp.proxy > not running

    ticker > not running

    ui > not running

    update > not running

    wifi > not running

    wol > not running > » > » ble.recon on > » [00:57:34] [sys.log] [err] no supported devices available

  7. What is your kali Linux version

  8. Issouf Guira says:

    Is it possible to use bettercap on useeland?

  9. alright, show us how to hacking and turn off noise neibor bluetooth speakers

  10. Ezra Gertz says:

    Do you need a WiFi adepter if you are doing it on the raspberry pi 4

  11. Why you need hacking abilities:
    No: Expose government
    Yes: Shut the annoying person's loud speaker

  12. Bro , please reply , do you have a insta account official one , I want to follow you

  13. Do you need a raspberry pi

  14. Sonny1 says:

    Omg i wish i knew this in grade 8 to win the drone building comp, hehehee hack into the drone

  15. is it necessary to turn on our bluetooth???

  16. I have an question, is that working on termux too? Best Regards. 。^‿^。

  17. Can i send commands to the bluetooth device that i found? like, if i found a Bluetooth speaker, could i send it commands to shut it down, change the volume and the songs?

  18. Majid Hemat says:

    Does my computer get stuck as the Kali Linux thing

  19. Every time I try to use ble.enum my connection times out. Anyone know why?

  20. Raki Sweet says:

    hey bro tanks for ur education by how can i contact u or how can i make my androd run like the kali luinx runs on pc how to download nmap and other kali liunx softwares

  21. How can i force Bluetooth pairing on speaker and kick out the paired device.? Is it possible?

  22. any alternative for MAC?

  23. What is your laptop name bro?

  24. is the link in the description safe cause some times viruses can infect the computer just by that link

  25. BlackBerry keypad can be hack

  26. Abelaxv says:

    quick help guys in the modules the "net.recon" isn't running

  27. Mohit Suresh says:

    will I be able to scan the information of the BLE devices (pairing mode off or paired to some other device) which need pairing mode on
    in order for it to be discovered?

  28. Do you need a network adapter

  29. Shawn Breaux says:

    For educational purposes, may i request that you make a tutorial on Deauthing bluetooth?

  30. can i do this with my in-built bluetooth adapter??becz in hciconfig no bluetooth device shown

  31. SandyBoi says:

    Bro this guy does not blink

  32. Thabo M says:

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  33. lol Tor browser sticker on his laptop says alot about him

  34. None Ya says:

    what version of kali is that

  35. None Ya says:

    getting this error can anybody help "socket: Operation not permitted"

  36. Party Ksa says:

    Can i bay betercab and install it on my android

  37. Ara says:

    Do you need an adapter to scan for Bluetooth devices

  38. Da Pullice says:

    i need hand reveal or he has done it ?

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