IT WORKS! Going Nuts with New Color Dot Matrix Printer Ink from the 90s

May 31, 2019 by 30 Comments

Putting the Star Micronics NX-2420 color dot matrix printer through its paces. Nearly 30 years old and still going strong, at least with new old stock 4-color ink ribbon from Nu-Kote! Greetings hot dogs.

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30 Replies to “IT WORKS! Going Nuts with New Color Dot Matrix Printer Ink from the 90s”

  1. I can honestly say that is the best greetings hotdog I've ever seen.

  2. Nice to see some pre-BIGBANG-technology getting to work…

  3. Nice Techmoan mug

  4. Ben Spiers says:

    Love the music choice

  5. John Heron says:

    Just came up on my youtube homepage. Brought back memories of my forces days…they still use the monochrome versions. Soon as i heard the noise of the printer it brought back those days. Haha

  6. Micronics? Any relation to the awful NES developers who converted lots of stuff for Capcom in '86 and '87?

  7. David Horst says:

    Subtitle said "printer prints printingly" xD

  8. David Horst says:

    You could have transferred the self test to a t-shirt, even that would look cool. 🙂

  9. This brings back so many memories! 😁

  10. Brandon Camp says:

    I absolutely love that wood grain monitor stand.

  11. Randi Nova says:

    Great color choices for the Greetings logo ;]

  12. Kemuel Perez says:

    Man I use to have a blast making those banners in middle school. 😂

  13. TheGandorX says:

    Note: to tear off the edges, it's handy to fold the paper and take the edge of multiple layers at once. Also prevents accidents where you tear into the actual sheet.
    Ah yes, memories…

  14. M. W. says:

    I remember that printer noise, and i dont know why.

  15. Man your videos are awesome! Great vibe and awesome content. I could actually smell this video, not just the coffee but also the hot dot matrix print head, really brings back some childhood memories. I think what's happening with the transfer paper is that the heat from the print head is melting the transfer film; that's how it gets transferred into the t-shirt when you iron it

  16. Am I a nerd for watching this?

  17. Woahh glizzy printer🌭🖨️

  18. Megaandy12 says:

    14:24 LOL!!!!! that just did a speed run doodoo. xD!

  19. LGR HAS AN FA1 CIVIC??????

  20. 40 min of printing later only to have the paper tear because the edges where not perfectly perforated. That's my youth in a nutshell 😛

  21. Toxicvortex8 says:

    clint should make a small business manufacturing shit like this, old printer ribbons, cpu trays for stuff like socket 7, slot 1 and all that jazz

  22. Ming Ming says:

    i remember epson dot matrix B&W printers were THE STANDARD.

  23. Leo Hultén says:

    Honestly my fav LGR video. The colour ribbon redemption, the nostalgia I don't share but that is so tangible, the coffee morning bit and COOL CRAB! Plus that dithering and the colours really ARE a good look

  24. Ian X says:

    You’ve got the best vibes Bruv

  25. When I was about 9 years old in the early 90s, we lived in Africa, in a town on the edge of the Sahara. My Dad somehow managed to get a new ribbon for our dot matrix printer, so while he was at work, I spent the ENTIRE DAY printing a banner that was about 30 feet long that just said "Welcome Home From Work, Dad". Of course, it used the entire ribbon's worth of ink, and I never understood why he wasn't hugely appreciative…

  26. rautamiekka says:

    Why's it so noisy though ?

  27. Jenny Lee says:

    Coffee porn. Omg thank you.

  28. Print shop deluxe is literally canva in 90s

  29. teej says:

    Love the techmoan mug!