Live Ammunition Cut in Half with Waterjet

We weren’t sure what would happen when we cut a bullet in half with water. With our bullet proof vests on, we are ready to find out.

Thanks to our friends at Bountiful Armory for providing the ammo, check them out at

We had a great selection of bullets to choose from, from 50 caliber all the way down to the little 22 rounds. What did you think would happen? I thought they were some pretty cool cross sections.

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39 Replies to “Live Ammunition Cut in Half with Waterjet”

  1. Love the channel but ya kinda took it to far with this one

  2. KubiiikK 24 says:

    2:55 yeah we all have water jets at home

  3. You should have said one of the caliburs was 2319!

  4. Steven moore says:

    Is that a 45-70 i see? I think sooo

  5. What's a 20 mm cartridge look like?

  6. Discourse says:

    Good job supporting businesses, whilst fundin' and sourcin' your vids, lads. Love what ya'll do, love the technical and mechanical knowledge application. So long as you're safe, you could keep going further down this path of 'I'ma make somethin' cool but silly happen'. I'd watch it.

  7. rAdiant Jet says:

    It's not for science! It's for engineering! To many people confuse engin3 for science!

  8. Earthxquake says:

    If guns get banned just carry around a water jet with you. People will think twice before messing with you

  9. Tristan B. says:

    Yeah cuz I've got a water jet lying around at my house

  10. Luvias says:

    probably one of the more dangerous things you guys have done.
    Pretty awesome!

  11. Little did I know I drove past your shop everyday for 2 years for work. Here I just moved away from salt lake and just found this out. Keep up the great videos!

  12. Actually, their proper name isn't bullets, it's cartridges.

  13. dude looks like a tom hanks character

  14. danny nyman says:

    If you set the primer off and a bullet came at you it would just feel like a air soft gun. No compression in the barrel so no power.

  15. sonny moon says:

    Don't try this at home! Because we all have a water jet in our living rooms! Great channel guys

  16. Me says:

    The 50 BMG just makes the others all small 😂

  17. Colin Alston says:

    But now your waterjet water is contaminated with lead :/

  18. I love how the primer going off made them decide that doing the same thing again was safe, as if it couldn't possibly ignite the powder.

  19. MJ B says:

    I wanna see the 50 Cal primer first. I also wanna see one bullet down so the water act like the pin in a gun

  20. even if they go off they're not in a barrel so they won't shoot you,they'll just pop,as long as you're not holding it when it goes off you should be fine

  21. Blacck0ut17 says:

    That 22. Round is tiny compared to the other bullets

  22. Matt Kaplan says:

    Titanium bullet next ?

  23. Can you shot a bullet though the waterjet with max PSI? will it be moved? will it change directions?

  24. please make a lick compilation video for the sake of Science 😂

  25. Just to be clear…not one of them is "scary"

  26. Darcy D says:

    Loved the clay 50bmg flying in the air slow motion would have been great

  27. Honestly just use an angle grinder next time

  28. 3:02, thats probably the worst way you could have put them

  29. Stick Figure says:

    "If you have second amendment needs" Lol. Ridiculous.

  30. Well that no fun. Going backwards. I wanted to see a .50 cal going off 🙁

  31. Red says:

    "do not try at home" yes, do not use your waterjet cutter on bullets at home

  32. eumoria says:

    R92Z choice of bullet gun experts

  33. I want to see what would happen if you used gunpowder instead of abbrasive

  34. Jay Manley says:

    The FDA wants to know your location.

  35. Gavin S. says:

    I love that these guys went primer first whe they knew what was probably going to happen. Safety third!

  36. Ferret says:

    Your watergun is now legally a machine gun , the atf is coming