RAID FARM TUTORIAL | Easy, XP & Loot, 1.15+

May 25, 2019 by 23 Comments

In this video I show you how to build a simple raid farm. Raids are a brand new Minecraft 1.14 mechanic. You will get emeralds, totem of undyings, crossbows, and more. This will also get you XP. The farm can be built anywhere in your world & is easy to use. This is for Minecraft Java Edition version 1.14 and higher. This tutorial was recored in Minecraft 1.15. The design works in the 1.15 update.

Loot – 1:13
Materials – 1:49
Location – 2:30
Prep – 3:25
Top Chamber – 3:52
Falling Trap – 4:51
Mob Funnel – 5:11
Dropper – 5:49
Safe Room – 6:14
Villagers – 6:54
Lava Blade – 8:33
Water – 9:06
Troubleshooting & More – 10:30

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23 Replies to “RAID FARM TUTORIAL | Easy, XP & Loot, 1.15+”

  1. wattles says:

    Hey everyone! What tutorial should I do next?

  2. Is the villager at the bottom necessary or is he just for the hero of the village part of it?

  3. TJ Lozano says:

    he forgot to put it in the material list, but just get a stack of glass 😂 you should be good i dont feel like counting

  4. Troy Cooley says:

    I got killed by a vex how do i fix this??? Pls help

  5. Does still work in 1 16 2 plz any one

  6. Does this work in 1.16.3?

  7. Cpl_ipatch _ says:


  8. Will this work on bedrock?

  9. Stein Prudon says:

    The Evoker keeps spawning vexes! Can somebody please help me with this? i play on 1.16.3

  10. Veg says:

    How necessary in the villager in the bottom? It has taken me around 2 whole HOURS just to get the top villager there. Will the farm still function right without the bottom villager?
    Please reply

  11. For everyone wondering, this does work on 1.16

  12. DONKEY SHREK says:

    Will it protect the villagers from vexes.

  13. Aayush SONI says:

    no blaming shulkercraft but this has to be like 500 million times easier than shulkercraft's one !

  14. hmmmmm i guess it wasn't very smart of me to do this next to an outpost because the raiders spawning from there are counting towards the raid and making it basically infinite. But only for the pillagers.

  15. It works on 1.16 bedrock, but the pillagers aren't agroing the villager for some reason

  16. Ivan Kovač says:

    Does this still work in 1.16.3?

  17. Can u do this in bedrock?
    Pls say me plssss

  18. TMFanass says:

    Is it gonna work on 1.16 ?

  19. Max C says:

    For people having the vex problem put a slab on the hopper and replace the glass with stone. Note they you have to stand 2 blocks away so he doesn’t spawn vex. Hope that helps

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