Use Photon Scanner to Scrape Web OSINT Data [Tutorial]

May 3, 2019 by 29 Comments

How to Run an OSINT Investigation with Photon Scanner
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Planning is an essential phase to any hack. If you have a target website and you wanted to mine it for information, having the right tool capable of scraping for OSINT data is priceless. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll introduce you to such a tool called Photon Scanner.

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29 Replies to “Use Photon Scanner to Scrape Web OSINT Data [Tutorial]”

  1. chikaBurton says:

    I know it's not related to the subject of the video, but, do you ever blink?

  2. Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "", line 9, in <module>

    import requests

    ImportError: No module named requests


  3. Waqar Ahmed says:

    nice one cody 😍

  4. I I says:

    This channel is a treasure trove of information. I cannot thank you enough for the help you have provided through detailed tutorials put out for free. AMAZING.

    It is also amazing how you manage to make it look like you do the videos in just one take!

  5. Philthy Phil says:

    Hello , can i get help please. I bought AWUS036NHA and need to download drivers for it. Is there link for set up for this device for mac os ?

  6. Dimrain13 says:

    Adding this to my vulnerability assessment checklist. Good vid, keep them coming!

  7. jake palmer says:

    i get that trace back error everytime i try to load it again any ideas

  8. What laptop do you have?

  9. Gereksizz says:

    Can You Do A Deep Tutorial On WireShark?
    For Example Tracing Someones IP Using Discord Or Skype Or Maybe Teamviewer?
    It Would Be Good To Spook Tech Support Scammers!

  10. Summer & Ben says:

    Hello! I recently watched an older vid of yours on cyber attack’s and I just got attacked by someone using a program pronounced (Mur-i) and it apparently just took a crap on my router. If you can make a video or already have on defending against an attack such as that program I’d very much appreciate no longer getting kicked off Xbox

  11. chelelo sam says:

    Can you do the snoopy drone

  12. chelelo sam says:

    Can you do the snoopy drone

  13. Tutoryl says:

    good job my bro 🤘

  14. Raymond says:

    you should cover Metasploit (Ruby language) 😀 Great video like usual by the way 😀

  15. Areg 1337 says:

    Lmao Kody, this photon tool reminded me the russian text editor aka russian alternative version for Vim, named Photon as well, for MS-DOS , , it was so funny to learn this back in 1995 when I was 12-13 y.o. xD and nowadays all good stuff is being killed/stealed by instagram, let me know what you think about instagram and stopping it stealing traffic from website

  16. X says:

    What Laptop Are U Using?

  17. idehen esosa says:

    please how can i get 20BTC Script for cryptotab browser free

  18. Martin says:

    hi there , what is list of ports that we must to close them on our windows? for more security

  19. I need to scrape a website. For example in scrapy framework if you want to scrape names of movies you were writing the tags inside, i don't know how to do the same in Photon. Let's say to scrape . Any example guys how to get texts out of links please? I want to figure out How it works.

  20. Jake carp says:

    I get an error when trying to run it on windows:
    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "", line 39, in <module>

    from core.utils import (luhn,

    File "", line 7, in <module>

    import tld

    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'tld'

  21. Steve says:

    I'll help you with docker , you always windup behind nat and with networking and web it becomes a pain in the ass. So all you have to do is…
    Here is the command they give you in the repo , 'docker run -ti –name photon -v "$PWD:/Photon/" photon:latest -u'
    add '–net=host' here ↑ before the ' -v ' , and this will allow the container to share your hosts network adapters.
    So if you did ' docker run -ti –net=host ubuntu /bin/bash ' , you would get an Ubuntu container with your hosts IP address and be able to access it remotely. Just have to change the SSH port. Or its pretty simple to migrate containers or duplicate them onto other servers. When you start getting into volumes and bind mounts it gets a little more difficult as far as syntax as you can see after the ' -v' which mounts that local directory as a volume inside of the Docker Container.

  22. VG PT says:

    What OS are you using

  23. please give the command for the installation after download as well not just to show it work…thank u

  24. do we need mobile rooted to use this i am u r subsriber ,even dherlock when itry intall reuests python is struck at set up py lxm This ,but says u r requirements are already satisfied ,but when i use command python3, it says error or no command can u help me if u can i will send screen sht of it

  25. Issa Alsaadi says:

    Is this similar to httrack (basically a crawler)?

  26. Sarmad Ahsan says:

    Great< Which command we have to use if we only want all emails from website???
    Thanks in advance.

  27. RHayabusa says:

    Such a great channel, really helped me with my assignments. One of the few I'd genuinely recommend.

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