COW FARM TUTORIAL | Bedrock Edition 1.12+ , Leather & Beef, Semi-Auto

June 12, 2019 by 33 Comments

In this video I showcase a simple Minecraft Bedrock Edition cow farm. This farm is semi automatic. The farm will yield you XP, Leather, and cooked beef (if harvested with fire aspect). This design is compatible with most bedrock versions, including the village and pillage update. This will also work on PS4 & technically Java edition.

materials – 1:12
lower structure – 1:47
water – 2:59
breeding area – 3:32
cows – 4:38
final touches – 5:39
things to know – 6:06

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33 Replies to “COW FARM TUTORIAL | Bedrock Edition 1.12+ , Leather & Beef, Semi-Auto”

  1. Thank you for the idea <3! i love your sorting idea

  2. overall _75 says:

    Thx that was very helpfzl!!!
    But can someone answer me plz how to kill them when they are inside

  3. Redkurtain says:

    Thanks for looking out for us Bedrockers, Wattles!

  4. Vi King says:

    Thanks wattles just built this in my world, makes things more easy. Cheers mate 😁

  5. Does this work for pork too?

  6. Owen Clarke says:

    My cows dont seem to breed ? I've got 8 either side and just fed them 40 wheat between them and only got 1 baby cow ? Anyone know what I'm doing wrong I'm new to xbox minecraft….

  7. So this didn't work on my 1.14. The cows were in the way of each other and seldom bred successfully.

  8. Kayla Mather says:

    Thank you Wattles! Like everything else you post this was extremely helpful!

  9. He has grown and changed so much over year.

  10. xforce 1112 says:

    who came here from S3 survival guide cow farm

  11. I think i just felt in love

  12. Gavin Beal says:

    Will this work with pigs and sheep ??????

  13. I play Java, am pretty much in the endgame, have cow-crusher, have more leather and beef than i'll probably ever need but still am watching this vid for no apparent reason

  14. Jackpopps says:

    Bruh, we make wool farms, reasonable, we make sugarcane farms, again, reasonable. But I think we're being a little lazy by making. A FRICKING COW FARM! brotha where's the fun in that

  15. Rosalind W says:

    I like your cow farm!!!!!

  16. Would this work on java i like this design better for my farm

  17. Thanks, very useful. I subscribed:)

  18. AshtonGates says:

    Bruh that thumbnail was the fattest rip off

  19. I'm sad when I had to come here

  20. Snyper Snips says:

    Thanks wattles! Helped a lot. Just wondering if anyone can tell me, does entity cramming in 1.16 bedrock not work?

  21. Can anyone point me in the direction of a cow farm for pocket edition? It’s hit or miss with different kinds of farms

  22. Alex T says:

    does this work in the current beta? my baby cows aren't falling in

  23. Recently started watching wattles and let me tell u I love it

  24. I'll be honest tho wattles sounds dead inside in this video compared to now

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