Crack Password-Protected Microsoft Office Files [Tutorial]

June 20, 2019 by 43 Comments

How to Unlock Word & Excel Files That Have Passwords
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If you like to protect your Microsoft documents with a password, then you already know that the stronger the password, the more protected the file will be. However, on today’s episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll show you how to crack those passwords on Microsoft Office files, no matter how strong the password is.

To follow along, there are dummy Word files in the full article on Null Byte, and you can use the one mentioned in the video over at GitHub:

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43 Replies to “Crack Password-Protected Microsoft Office Files [Tutorial]”

  1. Adnan Ansari says:

    How to crack Powerpoint File

  2. Will this work on xcel files?

  3. yeet says:

    any1 know a good free booter i can try on my website and router

  4. yang hua says:

    Yeah~that's easy to take it.

  5. R Put says:

    Please help me hack 1 email…. Give me the password… I will pay you 30 dollar via wester union.. . I am just poor..

  6. My Mind says:

    I have a question in using pyrit should I run batch every time because it's taking much time

  7. 03am says:

    Next FSOCIETY tool pack.How reliable is it?Maybe make a quick tutorial.
    I like your work , keep it going

  8. @Null Byte Hi, i've done a similar video a few days ago, and just now. Using a password on an excel doco, using the "password" as Password, it cracked it straight away using hashcat & the rockyou wordlist, I made another word doco using Password1, it cracked it, however it failed to crack a 3rd word doco using Password123, have you tested with a stronger password? I notice the amount of hashes it sends was a lot less, than NTLM for e.g. Office hashcat (Speed.#2………: 267 H/s (4.75ms) @ Accel:256 Loops:128 Thr:1 Vec:8)
    NTLM the H/s is well into the thousands… I've also tried this with a Rule, and it still doesnt crack it, I left it overnight, it ran for 16hrs, nothing… Have you or anyone else tried a more complex password, something similar to what you can crack as an NTLM Password? For e.g. if your NTLM Hash is Password123, and you use hashcat to crack it with the rockyou wordlist, you know its gonna crack it – however using the same Password123 on Office2013 ($office$*2013*100000*256*16*4dfca6499f872b7005653d9b1861e0a9*9f5b5d190a3e2b37a6f0dc908e72b2cd*12974a30eb842a9a9f8b6c7d7627fc2c1a85e2949bc1d1441c8eb0499025487a) it still doesnt crack… would be good to see if someone else has come across this, thanks.

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  12. Can't you also just do this with Cain?

  13. how to crack pdf files please!

  14. ABOX2D says:

    hello, i have a locked word document the same as your case in the video. i tried getting the password but its not working for some reason can you please help me i really need it in the next four hours.

  15. Brother please make video on pdf password cracking

  16. Put some video for cracking salt password

  17. UID TestAPI says:

    Now YouTube started to ban video about hacking , cracking and phishing… so what will your channel due to this problem ?

  18. Mac os version pleaseee

  19. hard work says:

    can you make a new video playlist about hack the box?, thank you.

  20. Shad GotEm says:

    And for password protected .zip files?

  21. Luffy Lin says:

    could you help me Crack my word.docx ? i forgot my password

  22. Ravi Kumar says:

    Sir how to tech me hacking teacher you

  23. Calon Dokter says:

    can't do it on excel office 365

  24. L N says:

    My problem is that I have a document that I created (and password-protected) myself and I forgot the damned password. One thing I know though: it was a complex password that won't be on any word list….

  25. Lokir Oak says:

    i had an error: Device #1: Not a native Intel OpenCL runtime. Expect massive speed loss.

    You can use –force to override, but do not report related errors. any sugestions ?

  26. Great video. How can i get the and please?

  27. ERROR:
    File "", line 7
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax
    Is this a Python (system) error or a syntax error within the "" file?
    Can you provide a hypothesis or maybe a fix?
    Thanks, Null Byte!

    Sys Info:
    Distributor ID: Kali
    Description: Kali GNU/Linux Rolling
    Release: 2020.2
    Codename: kali-rolling

    Python 2.7.18 (default, Apr 20 2020, 20:30:41)
    [GCC 9.3.0] on linux2

  28. John Paul V says:

    You are the man….

  29. Dario Fajre says:

    it works whit office 2016 excel files?

  30. Work that with Office 97 ?

  31. Andreas _DK says:

    Do John crack with gpu

  32. reach out to 3CR4CK on INSTA dude cracks encoded passwords and files

  33. Trent Murray says:

    does this also work with Office 2013 and newer versions of office docs (as they use salted SHA-512)

  34. Tuyen Huynh says:

    Hi Null Byte
    I can't get it although I has got hash.txt. I gave up. Could you do me a favor?

  35. Maria Smith says:

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  36. Maria Smith says:

    Hackjerk00 really confirm it for me his a legit i got my old account fixed perfectly is the best best💯💯💯💯

  37. Lets say I have every bit of information about the document. cipherAlgorithm, hashAlgorithm, BitSize, KeySize, The CBC Spin count, the hash, the salt, and the key hash. Can any of these variables be put into hashcat to speed up cracking? All of these variables are stored in plain text of the document called "EncryptedInfo" if you open the document with 7zip.

  38. Eloi says:

    For anyone wondering : the intro music is Vibrasphere – Sweet September

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