DEC VT320: The Classic 1987 Library Computer Terminal

June 7, 2019 by 21 Comments

Digital Equipment Corporation built plenty of terminals in the 70s and 80s, but we’re focusing on the VT320-C2. Amber monochrome, LK201 keyboard, and a favorite of libraries for online card catalogs. And now for BBSs!

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21 Replies to “DEC VT320: The Classic 1987 Library Computer Terminal”

  1. a 1987 terminal can connect to twitter but a 1999 windows 98 or windows 95 pc cant.

  2. The CRT has thin bezels, at least for a crt

  3. Crap Island. says:

    my mammaw had a pc very similar to this, with a typewriter keyboard hybrid which could print things out or be used as a standalone typewriter. any idea what it might be?

  4. Magnificent design

  5. I remember using those terminals in college in the early 1990s

  6. Such a beautifully done video on such a random niche computer. Love this channel so much.

  7. Bubba198 says:

    I've always had the smooth scroll on top of my list of the features of VTs that I totally loved

  8. used to my IT responsible for a world wide company that used VT420/VT520 and LG31 printers and LA75 printers and a decvax oh the memories.

  9. ProtoMario says:

    Gaming on this…mmm 1 fps, clean tho, no lag. Real smooth!

  10. H. Fisher says:

    Here’s a crazy question. I just picked up a similar IBM 3151 ASCII terminal that I plan to use in the future for retro computing… Any chance you could hook a dial-up modem to one of these babies?

  11. kainenable says:

    Nice production quality.

  12. Thad says:

    The best computers beep upon startup.

  13. 2009G8Gxp says:

    Makes me want to play medievia

  14. Little Star says:

    The destruction of Digital was a crime.

  15. David Florey says:

    I've always wanted a couple of these…

  16. Mono Tomb says:

    That picture of the woman using the Terminal, i saw that there was a location of "Forsyth County, North Carolina." Thats where i live, and Ive been to the library with suprisingly up-to-date equipment, and sadly no, they do not use the VT320 anymore.

  17. MRB16th says:

    I have these terminals, and green and amber monochrome monitors, in my novels in progress (set in an alternate history that has an ambiguous time frame).

  18. The VT420 was much better

  19. God that thing is beautiful

  20. Mr Snad Man says:

    i would love to have this thing tbh