These Minecraft Dimension Mods Are BETTER Than The Nether

June 13, 2019 by 30 Comments

Are you bored of exploring the Nether? Every mod on this list is as good, if not better than the Nether.

Minecraft dimension mods are some of the most content filled mods you can get. In this video, I’ve selected the best ones available.



Mystcraft –

DimensionalDoors –

AbyssalCraft –

The Erebus –

The Twilight Forest –

The Aether –

Atum 2 –

The Betweenlands –


Minecraft Forge –


Music (OshĂłva – Mountain’s Lullaby) –


30 Replies to “These Minecraft Dimension Mods Are BETTER Than The Nether”

  1. I hope all the demisions are added one day

  2. I love that it takes you 2-3 minutes to explain this many mods when it takes a lot of people 10 min to explain 1. Straight to the point. Keep up the good work man

  3. Floyd says:

    Piglin in 1.16 :hold my Gold's

  4. rxd demon says:

    "Better then the nether"

    Me: uhh i think anything is better then the nether… just saying

  5. Midnight says:

    Little did he know… That the nether has completely changed

  6. AsianHalfSquat: is doing his intro

    chickens in the background: vertical conga

  7. jay brand says:

    What about the lotr mod dimension

  8. Zacco says:

    This guy needs more attention. He shows us so many dimension mods, gives a concise and clear description of the mods, and then just goes to the next mod. He doesn't even stretch the video out! It's only 3 minutes!

  9. Fluffy says:


  10. R.S.M Islam says:

    Nether:I am a better dimension now in 2020

  11. YouKnowWho! says:

    i mean, anything that isnt the Nether or End is a good Dimension Mod, regardless of the Nether Update, or how difficult the modded Dimensions can be.

  12. Terry Lap says:

    I would prefer 1.16 Nether update to be honest as the dimensions don’t seem really Minecrafty

  13. A bit after Minecraft hired the Aether developer, an annoying mojang employee said, "we never mentioned the Aether ever coming. It'll never happen it'll stay with the community."

  14. Ragbir Singh says:

    How to use them on mcpe

  15. Salman J-B says:

    1.16 are you sure about that

  16. matrich __ says:

    Title "dimensions better than nether"

    Me: laugh from future

  17. Notchie says:

    Who just comes comes to see what is in the background of the intro?

  18. Asianhalfsquat: If NoT bEtTeR ThAn ThE NeThEr
    Me: nether update?

  19. TAHEFUL ALAM says:

    and to this day these dimensions are still better than the actual nether

    It is the scariest thing in minecraft

  21. I remember when I requested this.

  22. CthulhUa says:

    dude the betweenlands is godlike, how dare you compare it to the nether

  23. rivellr says:

    Even though it’s quite outdated you should have included Orespawn….

  24. for once you have a normal beginning

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