Top 10 Minecraft World Generation Mods 2019

Do you find the world generation in Minecraft boring? If so, you will definitely want to check out these mods!

These are in my opinion, the best world generation mods currently available for Minecraft. Leave a comment below if you believe I missed a particular mod. Thanks for watching!



#10 (Quark (Realistic generation option)) –

#9 (Beta+) –

#8 (Novam Terram) –

#7 (Hex Lands) –

#6 (Recurrent Complex) –

#5 (The Lost Cities) –

#4 (Biomes O’ Plenty) –

#3 (Wild Nature) –

#2 (Biome Bundle) –

#1 (Far From Home) –



Chocapic (Beta Version) –

Oceano (Outro) –


Minecraft Forge –


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25 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft World Generation Mods 2019”

  1. Can you make a video on how to make a advanced mountain house? if you already did
    can you give me the like

  2. What about Terraforged?

  3. gravityy says:

    It feels so bad playing on the pocket edition of minecraft and having basically no good mods

  4. Koisov says:

    i like how in every video’s intro there is some crazy stuff going on in the background

  5. My list:
    (Fabric allowed, all mods must be 1.14.4+)

    1. Oh The Biomes You'll Go
    2. Terraforged
    3. Wildnature (2.1.3 version, 2.1.6 added WAY TOO MANY FOOD ITEMS! See da changelog? It added WINE!)
    4. Terrestria
    5. Biomes O Plenty
    6. Simplex Terrain Generation
    7. Dooglamoo Worlds
    8. Quark (Realistic World Type)
    9. Traverse
    10. Atmospheric

  6. Ive had alot of problems with the lost cities loaded into my modpack

  7. Nizzarr says:

    Do they work on multiplayer

  8. I have a problem with ''far from home'' mod, sometimes the generation will create massive towers of just snow, like the snow that can be layered on blocks and idk how to fix it.

  9. Nokres says:

    i think conquest reforged is the first generation mod

  10. AiryCherry says:

    Theory: The chicken were living in the underground for 100s of years after being chased down there by a butcher. First, there were only 2. They have bred down there and developed. They got out at the start of the intro

  11. Asatiani says:

    Please make Video about 1.16 world generator mods…

  12. Und3rcov3r says:

    i wonder what happened in the intro world before he started recording…

  13. My favorite is Wild Nature

  14. So if I got the mod at number 1 I don’t need biomsoplenty or the number 2 mod?

  15. Fedico7000 says:

    What the fuck is that lovecraftian eldritch horror fountain of cock in your background?? 0:05

  16. MrTimsan87 says:

    if you got Minecraft 1.12.2 then there is a mod called Biome Bundle O plenty, the only 3 other things you need is Open Terrain Generator "OTG", biome O plenty and a fairly good pc with 8GB ram and ram use set to 4 instead of 2 in launcher. so regarding the last one there is another way to combine the two 😉

  17. birb says:

    you say "and" a lot

  18. I love Dregora! So damm crazy!

  19. weeyam says:

    what about RTG, its an amazing terrain gen mod

  20. Forgot a strange wolrd generation and looping wolrd generation

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