10 More Minecraft Mods That Make Caves Actually Fun To Explore

July 25, 2019 by 33 Comments

Minecraft caves could certainly use some improvement. If you install some of the mods between this video and part one (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOW8zPEJutE), caves actually start to look pretty awesome!



Minecraft Mineralogy –

Subterranean Waters –

Dense Metals –

Mowzie’s Mobs –

Cave Root –

NoCubes –

Thaumcraft –

Dynamic Surroundings –

Ice and Fire –

Roguelike Dungeons –


Minecraft Forge –



Oshóva – Mountain’s Lullaby –


33 Replies to “10 More Minecraft Mods That Make Caves Actually Fun To Explore”

  1. Bruh where's divergent underground

  2. Bruhium says:

    They should add new ores

  3. grapes says:

    literally every mode is broken lol

  4. wiichicken says:

    I was afraid that you were going to jump scare us with the floating eyes mod.

  5. 1:35 That moment when you explore a cave with nothing else than a single torch and a sword

  6. 방탄오리 says:

    this is what minectaft actually has to be

  7. If they ever updates cave they really need including this

  8. Freddie JAG says:

    Request: Mods that make the jungle actually fun to explore

  9. Probably the best Mod (if it is a mod) is the "Deep Cave" Mod. Wich, in some words, adds the CAVE UPDATE into Minecraft.

  10. I don't want the ice and fire it also give you scorpion and some other monsters

  11. anonymoose says:

    Dang wish I had java

  12. You know an advert pinched one of your videos for its own use

  13. That’s a lot of villagers in the background you have there

  14. quark also adds cave roots thas the vines you see on the wall

  15. Kade says:

    When he was talking about the rivers in the cave I heard ambience

  16. Shade says:

    Only true legends know that the Minotaur mob is from Zelda wind waker

  17. TerminalSeb says:

    The little creature that drops diamonds when you kill it in the Mowzies mod is based on the crystal lizard in Dark Souls

  18. Funandgames says:

    I mean the animations in mowzie's…


  19. At the start of every single video, there is something crazy going on behind him.

  20. Sqwido says:

    i would just use yungs better caves, yungs better mineshafts and quark to get good caves

  21. if you want another cave mod, I also suggest Quark. Quark adds things like cave biomes and large caves to the generation and things like cave roots, stalactites, and other nice quality of life things to caves and the rest of the game.

  22. Pegeoti says:

    what´s mod make the spikes???

  23. bruh "Caves and Cliffs" update

  24. Parsafari says:

    who is here after the cave update? lol

  25. Ormenim says:

    It's funny. I saw it in the recommended ones at the time when the cave update was announced. Do you have that too?

  26. will never happen in vanilla minecraft
    Minecraft making 1.17:am I a joke to you

  27. dark Shadow says:

    wait their rivers because the new updaet

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