I had given up on AMD… until today – Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

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AMD is launching ALL of their third-gen Ryzen CPUs today – We’ve got our hands on two of the best to see if they really can take the fight to Intel’s doorstep: Gaming.

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47 Replies to “I had given up on AMD… until today – Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review”

  1. Check out the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit at https://ifix.gd/2L6qikW or visit https://ifixit.com/Linus for more great tools!

    Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at https://lmg.gg/glasswire

  2. david63390 says:

    I'm really debating to buy the 3900x which is about $429 right now. Should I wait a couple weeks for the new series to come out? Also will the price of the $3900x drop once the new series is out?

  3. 2,986 intel fan boys did not like this video.

  4. YAY! im on x570…
    cant wait to get dat dank cpu ryzen 7

  5. Drew Nix says:

    I like your funny words magic man.

  6. zodiac says:

    looks like nvidia and intel will suck alot next year

  7. Amil says:

    Zen 3 though…

  8. Zen 3 was just released… 5800x is faster than a 10900k

  9. Poor person here: I'm in and going with a Ryzen build. The last build I did was an AMD Athlon, which was put out to pasture for a laptop only life. Well, a lot has changed since 1999. A child was born, who is now approaching nine years of age, and he deserves a gaming PC the likes of which his dad was always too poor to possess for himself, that and the need to spite Intel and recover a bit of my more nonconformist past.

    I've been reading that there will not be much benefit to going with the Ryzen 7 over the Ryzen 5 unless I'm streaming video. Any truth to this, or should I just say the hell with it and just go for more power to make up for all the dashed hopes and qualified expectations of AMD in the past?

  10. would a Ryzen 7 be good for premiere pro and a little bit of after effects? Please help! Moving from Mac and building my own pc

  11. PrivateJerry says:

    We did it boi’s! We defeated Intel Linus!

  12. Gabriel D says:

    This didn’t age very well

  13. Im just watching this after Zen 3 event, i will skip Zen 3 and upgrade to a 3700x or 3900x, will see.

  14. Jan says:

    ''AMD will forever be a second choice for poor people''
    Zen 3: Let me introduce myself

  15. thor ug says:

    Linus: pretends to read from an empty clipboard

  16. Mark Player says:

    What game is being played at 3mins in?

  17. ai_ 5420 says:

    Ryzen has vtec

  18. Little Cham says:

    Wait intel used to be good

  19. XPR peely says:

    The gamers give Intel: 1D10T prescription for the doctors office.
    AMD: The doctor laughing

  20. Zerrotox says:

    Were they predicting the 5900x performance??? xD

  21. Neil Sen says:

    Always will be? Well we know now… 😏 P.s I came back on rhis video just to comment this XD

  22. My friend used to make fun of amd, and that's why my first pc had intel, I'm building a new pc this week once the 3070 is out and I'm getting my first ever amd cpu:)

  23. Given up on AMD ? ? ? You sir are without a shadow of a doubt an Intel and Iphone Fanboy.

  24. 8:32 The i7-9700k? i9-9900k? No, have the best of both worlds with the i9-9700k

  25. Chad Bizeau says:

    Team Blue is still trying to ramp up 10nm production..

    Irony that statement is true 15 months later… LOL

  26. I built my last computer 6 years ago….woooooo how much changes in that much time. Team AMD!

  27. Chayan Bora says:

    I love how AMD's "budget" R5s can go toe to toe with Intel's "premium" i9s.

  28. Obi Spectral says:

    dude…that intro just made my rough day change upside down, dunno how but LOL thank u for being so silly n creative <3

  29. Just bought mine from Micro Center for $400!


  31. Adam F says:

    Just ordered this today because the newer chips are sold out everywhere! Totally fine with that 😀 Sold out on Amazon as I was buying it so looks like others were the same.

  32. Mike Zheng says:

    "were only expecting the gap to shrink" wellll technically the gap grew

  33. Speckkatze says:

    Im happy that i got a r7 3700x a few days ago lol

  34. Mango says:

    think I might buy a used one for 181USD. till got 2 years of warranty but with a fierce 28 bid bidding war. I'm scared.

  35. RayDan says:

    Look closelier
    Me: looks through screen

  36. WHAT.
    IS this ZEN2 or ZEN3 because it's not at all clear it's a 3700x and so part of the 3000 series 3300 being the smallest zen2 and not a (5700x)?.
    This is what I would call a zen3 card the lowest class zen3 card being the 5600x highest being the 5950x ( the 3950x being the highest zen2) AM I correct?. GEN 3 zen2…..mmmmmm

  37. Dante Bering says:

    If you are a ue4 game developer, which is best price to performance – ryzen 7 or ryzen 9?

  38. I can't wait for the 5600x to be available in Canada. I'm buying the 3700x on clearance now. It's still a beast for the price and might sell out during BF sales.

  39. AGS Power says:

    Who else is laughing after Zen 3 launch?