My Personal 10 Favorite Minecraft Mods Of All Time

July 29, 2019 by 48 Comments

Over the years, I have played with hundreds, possibly thousands of Minecraft mods. In this video, I’ve narrowed it down to my all time favorite 10. Enjoy!



#10 (Dynamic Trees) –

#9 (BetterPortals) –

#8 (Twilight Forest) –

#7 (Industrial Craft) –

#6 (Buildcraft) –

#5 (Dynamic Surroundings) –

#4 (Biomes O’ Plenty) –

#3 (Mo’ Creatures) –

#2 (WorldEdit) –

#1 (Optifine) –


Minecraft Forge –



Fredji – Happy Life (Vlog No Copyright Music)
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48 Replies to “My Personal 10 Favorite Minecraft Mods Of All Time”

  1. Noxin says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love it

  2. Noxin says:

    i love you

  3. Noxin says:

    you have the best videos

  4. Noxin says:

    i am subscribed

  5. i now hate buildcraft at version 1.12.2 and more i think it is because you cant mekanism and buildcraft and IC2 connect anymore

  6. 1:55 lol wtf that's the craziest fucking thing I've ever seen in Minecraft

  7. Hatfor1 says:

    I have question : dose this work on mobile or can you make a video on cool mods that work on mobile

  8. My top 10:
    10. Sparks hammer
    9. Mo' creatures
    8. Morph
    7. Huds armor scan
    6. Damage Indicators
    5. Better PVP/Xaero's minimap
    4. Biomes o' plenty/biome bundle
    3. JEI (Just Enough Items/Not Enough Items)
    2. WorldEdit
    1. Optifine.

    But I also like Extra Golems and Any Dimension mods.

  9. Recommendation for any players who want a good survival mod:

    Use OreSpawn, it adds LOADS of new things. Just that mod is enough to give you a great time. Plus the mod was used in Crazycraft, and it adds stuff like the Big Bertha and the Royal Guardian Sword. (plus new ant dimensions, new mobs, new ores and more)

    this isnt sponsered

  10. I didn’t see a cave update mod

  11. ferz channel says:

    1. Thaumcraft 1.12.2

    2. Advent of Ascension 1.12.2

    3. Biomes o Plenty

    4. Industrial Craft 1.12.2

    5. Divine RPG 1.7.10

    6. Tinkers Construct

    7. Blood Magic 1.12.2

    8. The Twilight Forest 1.12.2

    9. Ars Magica 2 1.10

    10. lycanites mobs

  12. i run with ike 10 mods at any given time

  13. fish says:

    None of these work

  14. I build Twilight forest And enable Twilight forest mod buy its not working!

  15. does anyone know what pc he uses?

  16. Bedrock says:

    bro i have ryzen 5 3600 16 gb ram will these work

  17. Me playing on bedrock edition 👁 👄 👁

  18. there is a mod called rpg loot ! look what it is youurself!

  19. ATIAR RAHMAN says:

    This person can't live without optifine

  20. what about the too many items mod and the aether mod?

  21. CamilyTV says:

    Brasil?'-' 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  22. The all mod is gonna worked in poket edition

  23. TheMixerGame says:

    i make mod that make all armor give you slowness ITS NOT IMPORTED TO FORGE I NEVER DO THAT CUZ i dont even know how XD

  24. Sanskar Garg says:

    Bro how to use these mods

  25. Is there a way I can take two different mods and put them together on curseforge?

  26. Chris Veber says:

    Who saw the sheep's getting oofed in the intro

  27. DuckDk says:

    What is that resourch pack?

  28. Mr. gamer says:

    My favorite mod is hmb’s nuclear tech

  29. Kayco says:

    anyone else see the sheep being absolutely slaughtered in the background of his intro

  30. WillisCraft says:

    You should have kept better portals while doing twilight forest 🙂 Try it

  31. Jonah Nobles says:

    I like how in every vidio in the intro theres something weird in the background

  32. i had to dlete the dynamic tree modbecuase i kept running under the tree by acident and died becuase im an idiot

  33. Nikolai Orr says:

    hey so every time i try to use betterportals my game always crashes

  34. You know this mods are majestic as they come from the master modder

  35. Pehrqs says:

    0:46 So thats how some minecraft tiktokers do sick minecraft videos if you know what i am sayin

  36. sheep orgy in the background

  37. HellKnight29 says:

    My favourite mods are
    Impressive portals
    Just enough items

  38. SpongeBob says:

    What shader is this?

  39. Quality = A+++++++++++++

  40. Kedplay says:

    no hay para la version 1.16.3?

  41. a3970010 says:

    I use:
    -hopper ducts
    -prelabeled containers
    -Craftable Bedrock & Obsidian Tools
    -moar boaters
    -MrCrayfish furniture
    -six6stars rotten flesh to leather
    -infernal mobs
    -deadly monsters
    -item compactor & Olympian Armors
    -biome bundle or biomes-O-plenty
    -anvil unenchanting
    -astral sorcery
    -more furnaces
    -Malisis doors

  42. I want the buildcraft at current version

  43. JEI is the best mod

    Change my mind