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Minecraft 1.14 changed villagers, Minecraft 1.14.3 changed them again! My previous Villager Breeder design has broken with the latest Minecraft release. In this video I showcase & teach you how to make an updated villager breeder that will be working. This breeder is pretty easy to build and fully automatic. This should work on Bedrock Edition as well though I have not tested it. This works in Minecraft update 1.15.

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45 Replies to “UPDATED VILLAGER BREEDER TUTORIAL! | Easy, Automatic, 1.15”

  1. wattles says:

    Survival Challenge 2 coming SOON! 👏👏 What tutorial should I do next?

  2. Marko says:

    Is this automatic?

  3. Just built on 1.15.2 without the water and can confirm it works like a charm. All the children are straight underneath the farm and it just brewed the 9th villager on an 8 beds farm.

  4. But in a common survival world, if they have a lot of food i need only to put some beds?

  5. Haitian Yang says:

    they are not breeking at all

  6. Man Of Truth says:

    Can I make a bigger glass box on the bottom cuz my signs don’t make air bubbles

  7. 12nikos13 says:

    Greeks: thinking that the intro is an efood AD

  8. NerdyPunk says:

    ive made this for java like 5 times and only now i noticed this was for bedrock….
    '- '/ i mean it worked in java …. so

  9. Thanks. U helped me so much

  10. Help!!!!…..my farmer isn't harvesting or planting the carrots….pls help

  11. Tarsier says:

    Nice job wattles. Easy, straight forward instructions, with room for personalization. Thanks for the video.

  12. The only problem I had with this is that the when you move the baby villagers away really far, the chunks don’t load. That means the baby villager won’t move until you load the chunks again. The best thing you can do is to Build the breeder in the air.

  13. Kheek says:

    Hey, my villagers are getting heart particles but then getting angry particles and not breeding. Anyone have a fix? 🙁

  14. Crowbar says:

    When a kid talks about the birds and the bee's i show him this video

  15. Can I just break a bed then move the baby village and his bed somewhere else, then put a new bed back in the breeder? Instead of taking the baby so far away

  16. The babies keep playing on the beds and growing up before I can move them – is there a way around this?

  17. Jake Harkey says:

    Can you do this with two ( I’m starting with zombie villagers)

  18. jajaja says:

    this design is the most consistent design out there. other may work and efficient but soooo tedious . thanks

  19. Zeahh says:

    Put the video at 1.25 speed for normal talking speed

  20. Ashu Aarani says:

    My villagers aren’t breeding pls help

  21. Victor R.G. says:

    Still working as of 23th of May! Just remember to let 1 space of air between the ceiling and walls, and 2 blocks of air above the beds or else they won’t breed.

  22. Nicky Janse says:

    @wattles How do you ensure the baby villagers fall into the waterstreams instead of them growing up inside of the breeder?

  23. Amelia Addy says:

    i just this step by step no baby villagers yet? how long does it take to get your first one

  24. My villagers aren't breeding. I made the ceiling 3 blocks high and I put a door in. In the first place, I put weat instead of carrots and potato's but now when I replaced the crops with carrots and potato's the villagers still keep planting weat. any way I could fix this?

  25. can you use wheat instead of carrots?

  26. Tested in 1.15.2 java creative – works great with no changes. I decided to let the villager babies pile up directly underneath the farm to see whether I actually need to transport them. Turns out you don't – I stopped the farm after 20 babies in a pile right under the farm all grew up.
    Thank you so much!
    I wasted a lot of time on trying to wrangle my villagers into Impulse's build only for the farmer to try and breed with one of the two trapped villagers (which prevented any babies from spawning at all).

  27. actually this doesn't work on bedrock purly because of the trapdoor trick

  28. Dragon Z says:

    this work in 2020?

  29. vgukd5636rfc says:

    Throw another platform on either end, two blocks above the beds, with flowers on one side and bee hives on the other for even faster crop production.

    Edit: Don't forget the bees. Enclose everything so they don't escape.

  30. Kaykay says:

    how do i place the signs in the water like that???

  31. Darcobe says:

    Can confirm this works in new 1.16 update, tested in survival on hard. Also, this design works flawlessly and doesn't have any of the problems people run into with impulses design.

  32. Bamethyst says:

    The problem is actually getting the villagers in the breeding station.

  33. Cory Stranzl says:

    Built this farm on bedrock several months ago worked great. Almost too great lol. Switched to java recently and went to this farm again. Works great in 1.16.1

  34. Myphn says:

    This does in fact work in 1.16! Just went on a creative world and tried it, works like a charm.

  35. David Bazon says:

    Actually, you don't need a water system. Once a villager can't pathfind to the claimed bed, it will unclaim it and claim a bed in the village.

  36. Skel says:

    Small problem with this design; iron golems keep spawning inside the breeder and trampling the crops

  37. Bachatero says:


  38. MrUnlucky says:

    Is that working at 1.16.1 version?

  39. hi Wattles does this still work in the 1.16.3 update

  40. This works in 1.16.4 or not?

  41. Can we make all workstation composter

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