10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You Have Probably Never Heard Of 5

August 15, 2019 by 32 Comments

Looking for some Minecraft mods you probably haven’t seen before? Here are 10 more mods that have yet to reach 100k downloads. Enjoy!



#10 (Mist Biomes) –

#9 (Tree of Stages) –

#8 (Auto Switch) –

#7 (Move Plus) –

#6 (Better Diving) –

#5 (Bagelsmore The Return) –

#4 (Render 360) –

#3 (Mutant Mobs) –

#2 (Wizard’s Animals) –

#1 (General Disasters) –


Minecraft Forge –



Oshóva – Mountain’s Lullaby –


32 Replies to “10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You Have Probably Never Heard Of 5”

  1. I like every thing except Mist Biomes, Render 360, and Mutant Mobs

  2. epic gamer says:

    Bagelsmore is actually so cool.

  3. Miss for Minecraft pe please

  4. Dio Brando says:

    Auto Switch, more like how to get banned on a server in five seconds

  5. Kriiztine says:

    fifteen hundred , okayy

  6. 1:38 mom found the piss drawer

  7. Louis says:

    hello, if i use biomes o plenty mod will stuctures from other mods still spawn?

  8. 0:25 "so you cant see very far in them" laughs in 2 fps, 3 render distance, commodore 64

  9. jojit camero says:

    The Render 360 Mod is like a Pigeon Mod cause, Pigeons can see 360 Degrees.

  10. The spiders! They’re at 0:00. Oh, Wizard’s Animals!

  11. Dan Thanh says:

    why in every video of him, there are bunches of mobs in the corner?

  12. Auto tools is in most hacked clients

  13. Tastyy says:

    I just wanted to say i've gotten all of my mods from this dude

  14. Joe Mama says:

    hidwoods is a really good one

  15. oh god spiders at the beginning

  16. i have subnautica and those things based off of subnautica are pretty accurate

  17. Yass craft says:

    jojo's bizarre adventure MOD !!!!

  18. aNOTmaly says:

    i have been looking for a good subnautica mod forever thank you so much

  19. Ink Gamer says:

    Me: See spiders in the background
    Arachnophobia has joined the chat

  20. henzo says:

    to do list
    asianhalfsquat: do stuff
    me: this man is more productive than i could possibly be

  21. IglooBox says:

    Imagine VR with Render 360 while playing the dropper. And have nausea omg

  22. fbia gaming says:

    The auto swich is a hack thing to

  23. Try finding more minecraft mods on 1.11.2 or 1.14.4

  24. thank god for the second last mod because mo creatures is broken

  25. 1:36 mom found the piss drawer

  26. Sqwido says:

    the auto switch mod could probably be used to cheat in that one hypixle party games mini game

  27. Wizard animals is just a copy of zawa mod.

  28. Sqwido says:

    theres a mod called “pick pick” and it does the same thing as the auto switch mod but its on curse

  29. aaa spiders at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa