10 Minecraft Mods Every Player Should Have Installed

August 20, 2019 by 37 Comments

Regardless of how you play the game, these 10 Minecraft mods are absolutely amazing to play with. Ranging from quality of life mods to simple performance improvements, there really isn’t a reason you shouldn’t install these mods.



Optifine –

What’s That Slot –

ReAuth –

Smart HUD –

KleeSlabs –


Better Placement –

Mouse Tweaks –

BetterFPS –

MineMenu –

VanillaFix –


Minecraft Forge –



Oshóva – Vast Chant –


37 Replies to “10 Minecraft Mods Every Player Should Have Installed”

  1. Here's part 2 if you are looking for some more mods!

  2. Thank you for making this very interesting video.

    You can download new Minecraft Mods at website: https: //wminecraft.net/

    Wish you have fun playing the game ! Good game

  3. I reccomend this mod called waiting time which allows you to play pong while loading forge. It also just doesn't cause any harm and is something everybody should use when troubleshooting compatibility issues

  4. I don't know exactly what it's called but there's a mod that adds a lasso and you can pick up any non-hostile mob in it and set them down somewhere else
    Even players… but they might be hostile afterwards

    It's just a really useful mod for moving mobs so if someone could tell me the name I'll add it!

  5. Shadow says:

    what was that shader he was using at the start?

  6. What's 4th mod name? I can't find it please tell me

  7. Thank u for the BetterPlacement mod Now i can godbridg easily

  8. is it ok if I will install both optfine and more fps mods? I hope that they just won't interfere with each other

  9. What shader r u using during the optifine game play!?

  10. Lira Espada says:

    Wot is the shader mod called

  11. PNC Pak News says:


  12. You are not telling what the forst modds name is because i want it really bad ):

  13. i had my playback speed on 1.25 and thought asianhalfsquat chugged a red bull or bang or something

  14. 1-4-1 says:

    Ill just stick with custom colors for now

  15. itzlemoring says:

    If my pc could hadle them i would have earlidy instald evrything

  16. Bro you made an amazin vid

  17. I will save this until one day I have Minecraft of a Computer and not on mobile

  18. Hello, im having problems with the MineMenu Mod and it crashes.
    How can i fix this?
    help me plz
    Edit: it says: [E] Exception in thread "main"

  19. With this fast place i can speed bridge right?

  20. 1:55 you can just hold right click

  21. Link The dog says:

    optifine always crashes me

  22. How to download Optifine on minecraft mobile-

  23. Proxy says:

    i need betterfps lmaoo i only get like 75 fps on my normal settings and 108 on all low

  24. Adam J says:

    imagine rlcraft without just enough items

  25. bro thankyou for the better fps mod this made my game 5 fps to 30 fps i am giving a award The mod adviser is AsianHalfSqat

  26. ggixl says:

    Yeah but what version should I play?

  27. Wow, this work on my pc. At it so really usefull at cool its not bad. So i like at u subcribe on his youtube channel.

  28. Mr. Dev says:

    Me I avg 30 fps hoping this does not drop it

  29. I really like the placement mod help me god bridges

  30. the only reason i dont have these is because i cant download forge, i just got a virus because of it. ( tutorial maybe?)

  31. i cant open the mods in minecraft and some if i use will just exit me out of minecraft

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