10 More Minecraft Mods Every Player Should Have Installed

August 29, 2019 by 48 Comments

Here are 10 more Minecraft mods you should give a try, regardless of how you play the game. All of these mods will enhance your Minecraft quality of life. Enjoy!

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SwingThroughGrass –

Cosmetic Armor Reworked –

Client Tweaks –

Friendly Fire –

Inventory Sorter –

Fence Jumper –

RandomPatches –

FoamFix –

AppleSkin –

Chunk Pregenerator –


Minecraft Forge –



Oshóva – Chilling –


48 Replies to “10 More Minecraft Mods Every Player Should Have Installed”

  1. how do you download the mods
    and i want to ask is it available to android phone's

  2. WarMike_1 says:

    Xaero's Better PvP

  3. Someone make this a mod pack

  4. 0:49 is this mod work with the moded pets?

  5. Okay. Don't lie. That double armour one, isn't for if you don't like the look of diamond armour…
    …It's for making your friends think you've only got leather armour, and lulling them into a false sense of security – enticing them to attack you only for you to actually be wearing diamond armour…

    Or is that just me?

  6. the fsct that u hurt your dog on purpose made me so angry for a second

  7. Hlebuw3k says:

    If you actually believe that EVERY player MUST have these installed, then youre wrong. Imagine some noob just joining the game, and trying to figure out what the heck these mods do

  8. There is something wrong with the background in the intro

  9. Watercraft says:

    1:19 just place a carpet and you can jump over them

  10. 2:34
    Me: Puts on netherite armor and plain leather armor for cosmetics
    Everyone else who thinks they’re stronger: “HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD?!”

  11. Who played monster hunter world here? Cuz the second mods litteraly is the layered armor

  12. Klassisk says:

    Imo the best mod out of all of these is the item sorter its not game breaking in anyway but more than likely im not gonna install it, its incredibly useful for modpacks because of the amount of items you'll need to progress more and more will get more and more expensive as time goes on and you'll need to sort your items out but for vanilla just seems to reduce the amount of chests I use which is a benefit but I also kinda like rummaging around in my chests for items gives me more reason to build a item sorter or bulk storage system so idk this is all just my personal opinion

  13. Baconater says:

    Lol i remember loading the fence jumaper mod, and then as soon as i placed a fence the game crashed. And it happened every time

  14. Nothing was in the background

  15. Question: can you get these on PE

  16. Tobias Tofte says:

    i use fullbright/full brightness cause it simply just lights up your game

  17. Hey the 2nd one is nice since I like the look of full gold with leather boots

  18. Red Bepis says:

    0:34 just like in terraria

  19. Chimichamigo says:

    Vein miner is the best

  20. such a demanding title

  21. S3th0 S3th0 says:


  22. RoverFloats says:

    Are these all also for 1.12.2 or only 1.14 like you are showing

  23. OMT Movies says:


  24. VIKitAt says:

    Wow, finally, after all this time, an intro where animals aren't being massacred

  25. I liked the outro. Everything's going… …up?

  26. Imagine a Minecraft mod that makes armor invisible, so you can still see your awesome skin!

  27. BruhMoment says:

    I love how he literally named his dog M U T T

  28. 0:32
    Terraria players: hey I've seen this one

  29. FFNX Cries says:

    Make a list for beta 1.7.3 mods

  30. Where are the a n i m a l s?

  31. The Docs Box says:

    I think Gliphy's physics is a good mod!

  32. I like to hear your voice so much

  33. Max Kuhnel says:

    Remember God loves you and Jesus died for your sins so if you believe on him you will be saved

  34. vannilafix. when your game crashes it sends you to the main menu instead of closing the game

  35. Bluz says:

    why would using less memory help with getting better performance shouldn’t it be the other way around

  36. I've been in a tornado once. Wasn't scared,in fact. The tornado was an EF0,I heard about. The tornado only injured 23 but was not shown on the news or newspapers due to that much weren't harmed. There also wasn't alot of damage,as only the church nearby my home had some flung out chairs and broken glass. Isn't that much damage.

    Thank you for making this very interesting video.

    You can download new Minecraft Mods at website: https: //wminecraft.net/

    Wish you have fun playing the game !

  37. Horizon Six says:

    Check also "Controlling". Sometimes gets really anoying to change your keys when you have many mods, cotrolling has some features to do that

  38. Shadow says:

    would cosmetic armour reworked get me banned on a server if i forgot to turn it off?

  39. What is happening in the background at 2:24? what mod was not included that does that?

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