3rd-gen Ryzen Overclocking – Everything you need to know!

August 14, 2019 by 43 Comments

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Overclocking AMD’s 3rd-gen Ryzen CPUs is pretty different from previous generations – So it’s time for an update to our Ryzen overclocking guide!

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43 Replies to “3rd-gen Ryzen Overclocking – Everything you need to know!”

  1. Mike Reece says:

    Your awesome bro. Let's do this again broken down in tutorials on each setting.

  2. I’ve watched this many times. Can you just come over and OC my 3700x please? Thank you

  3. _Chino98 says:

    Anthony can explain in great detail, holy shit

  4. Nice video, but it seems like it's only for people who already know all of this. It still doesn't make sense to me.

  5. BlueRedneck says:

    I wish you did more videos. I like more technical details coupled with the more indepth theorycraft you touch on. not that i ever use them because I am too dumb.

  6. john whan says:

    Sure there unlocked.How much more can you squeeze out of them.I just bought a B550.I doubt that will get much more out of my 90 dollar 3200.I hope the next gen will overclock better.The ram does overclock better now.

  7. Enrico Drawe says:

    I got my 3700x on 1,05v with 4ghz all core, but even if I go up to 1,2v I can't go higher than 4.25ghz… Does someone know why?

  8. FizzyBum says:

    Goddam that man has one soothing voice. Please narrate my life

  9. How the hell did you get the ryzen 7 3700x to overclock to 4.25 with 1.25 volts, I start crashing if I drop my voltage below 1.35

  10. Shawn Kondor says:

    Anthony's great, so is linus, thanks for the content fellas

  11. All of the top comments are full of love for Anthony, I'm glad I'm not the only one who appreciates his delivery. Thanks Anthony!

  12. DH Blan says:

    I have watched this several times and still do not a f…ing clue what he is talking about.

  13. David Ech says:

    Need to barrow this guys brain for 1 day.

  14. Nick Ducko says:

    The audio quality here is amazing! How many mice are hidden here?

  15. Oli Goulet says:

    If I have a 3600x and ddr4 3600 MHz what should I set my values to? Everything I try so far makes my game crash

  16. His voice is so smooth. I love him so much

  17. Sorry, I already play WoT

  18. This video was VERY informative and helpful.For example, I learned that I don't want to manually overclock.

    I popped a h212 evo black on with asus auto OC and im happy with my 3767 on my 3600x. I respect the hell out of yall tweaking settings, rebooting and benchmarking for hours. I just don't trust myself to learn all of these settings and do all of these things without borking my system.

  19. Aarav Gupta says:

    Anthony should not be with his pc anymore he should go out

  20. FrenZie says:

    Is Anthony related to Steve Wozniak?

  21. Mr.ButterMLG says:

    can this guide be used for ryzen 2 also

  22. How to reverse back to stock if all my fans go crazy once applying to 3900 on my 3600..

  23. Moji PSX says:

    Is this the same guy who played the fat kid from the goonies?

  24. Linus voice: needles stabbing my ears at 7200 rpm
    Anthony’s voice: soothing ocean waves at a calm 3600 rpm

  25. Anthony V Steve, who you think would the IQ crown?

  26. Big AL says:

    In every game textures change to better detail when I move closer to them and it’s very noticeable!! Is this normal?

    Ryzen 9 3950x
    Gtx 1080ti
    M.2 nvme ssd 500gb
    Asus prime x570 pro

  27. I’ve been looking at overclocking videos trying to come to a consensus whether to go stock or overclocking my Ryzen 7 3700x … I’m brand new to all this and just bought my parts to build my PC… Jesus I’m in for a ride I got lost by the very first minute 😂

  28. Chase Brady says:

    Can you guys please put a de-esser on you audio? I love the high gain and compression but I have to turn it down to save my ears.

  29. I wish the production of Anthonies was not discontinued! Been looking for one for ages….

  30. I have a pc with a ryzen 5 3400 g with apu and a msi b450 a pro max motherboard and 8 gigs of ram. I used xmp to clock my ram speeds and timings to whats written on the correct webpage automatically. Then i went into windows and saw that my cpu was using 70 watts and 1.569 volts at idle and was already at 76 degrees celcius. Idk what was happening wiht my new pc and decided to research and found out it usually is at 1.4 volts. Then i came across this video and i undervolted my cpu up to 1.2888 volts and ran a stress test (cinebench r15) to check if it is stable and it was! And my cpu was around 45 degrees at idle instead of 78! Thank you so much for this vid, this helped me alot! I also overclocked the apu a little and enabled percision boost overdrive. It still was stable (turboed up to 4.19 GHz)and at 70 degrees (i was using stock amd cooler and all fans were at full speed as i didnt care about noise because the place where i live in is already very noisy).

  31. Is there a dummy crash course? this is a tad too much

  32. Jaycob Hicks says:

    I was able to get my 3600x to 4.3GHz @1.325V stable.

  33. Adders Fork says:

    Anthony, the man with the most comfortable voice on YouTube.

  34. inikkor says:

    What about taking a walk once in a while?

  35. Chavezboy YT says:

    My computer is now beeping three times and won’t start help!!!!

  36. bleed says:

    If Anthony gets fired, I'm gonna get real mad

  37. Abdullah says:

    Why am I watching this! I don’t even own a computer!

  38. Jørn Mulder says:

    i'm on a x570 aorus ultra, 3200 cl14, and amd 3700x
    don't know how to set it up, what can i do ? to get most out of my pc, without hurting it?

  39. Josh Martin says:

    Excellent video, thanks for explaining per ccx overclocking!

  40. a. leroy says:

    holy shit i'm to dumb to understand half of this. doeas anyone know where i could learn enough to understand what anthony is saying, for free?

  41. Danishblunt says:

    Honestly just got myself my first ryzen rig and can tell you already, this is absolutely suprising given that this is the LLT channel. He knows his shit, all the thing he mentions are relevant and true, many have mistaken the cooling behaviour of ryzen as degradation too, people thought the ryzen CPU are degrading fast but in reality its just the thermalpaste being slightly worse at cooling and the CPU literally then stops clocking and gets unstable just because of a couple of degrees, Ryzen is quite finicky when it comes to OC and I like the challenge.