AFK Obsidian Farm + NEW Wither Cage! (2,700 obsidian/hr) | Minecraft [CHECK description]

August 2, 2019 by 50 Comments

Edit: NEW 1.16+ Obsidian farm:
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An automatic obsidian farm using a new wither cage for 1.13-1.14.4+. Easy to build up and use in survival! 100% stable new wither cage. Produces 2,700 obsidian/hr. More simple farms:

World Download (updated):

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ProtoTech is 100% Vanilla Survival whitelisted 4.5 year old server that has never reset the map with 110,000+ Minecraft days accumulated. With the goal to automate and collect everything possible in the game, the journey has only started!
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ProtoTech Intro/outro by KK, Smokey, Heinz

Acheron River:
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Doctor Sploosh
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Rays Works


50 Replies to “AFK Obsidian Farm + NEW Wither Cage! (2,700 obsidian/hr) | Minecraft [CHECK description]”

  1. Rays Works says:

    Easy automatic obsidian farm! Tell me of any other farms you want me to update to 1.14+
    More simple farms:

  2. Hugo says:

    My bottom chicken is always on the iron trap door and don't want to stay on the piston. Anyone know how to prevent that ?

  3. Jack Kenseng says:

    Wow I wasn't expecting something so awesome from a guy I've never heard of.

  4. jeatog says:

    Help, when I come back from the End I Spawn right next to the bed, not in the portal. What can I do?

  5. Deb0ch says:

    How did you get the 3 boats into these barriers ?

  6. Marcos says:

    Idk why my whither breaks the boat above it. Any help? 🙁

  7. luzettilucas says:

    Quem venho pelo Davi, deixa o like!!!!

  8. The front chicken moves himself onto the iron trapdoor every single time.

  9. Alex3ylf says:

    for those who are suffering because of chicken jumping and destroying the farm, put a cow instead, it worked for me

  10. Darth Pro says:

    I've had an idea for a crazy obsidian farm (which i don't have the energy/will to build and test), that has withers on each end pillar, and uses summoning end dragons (killing them, then re-summoning them) to regenerate the pillars, and also collect XP along the way.

    Do you think it can work?
    If so it would be crazy, it's much more obsidian than the end platform, and you can make use of, what is it, 12 withers? + gaining a shit load of XP.

    I'm thinking maybe an automated system of placing the crystals can be managed

  11. vim pelo davi, esse é o mito das farms então?

  12. LukasGom3s says:

    Vim pelo Davi e o Vinicin!Muito boa a farme!

  13. Thank you Ray Work, you saved all my projects

  14. NASA needs this guy to get into mars

  15. Tony Wallker says:

    Quem veio pelo vídeo do DAVI deixa o like

  16. The chicken just jumps out of the block when the piston is off 🙁

  17. Hey ray mine's stuck in the end city and not returning to the spawn chunk what seems to be the problem on mine? I've got the same overworld bed setup on the end portal

  18. you can't load chunks in 1.14 anymore?

  19. Qmalamos says:

    Actually with a beacon and speed 2 you can increase the blocks per hour

  20. i am randomly spawning in the end looking at south instead west, and this is breaking my afk time at this farm

  21. Lucas Risco says:

    I have a little problem
    I get stuck in the end
    I cant get out what i can do
    Pls i need help

  22. I assume that, with a few modifications, we can also make a wither rose farm out of it, right?

  23. Funciona en minecraft bedrock

  24. III says:

    I tried to use this farm in 1.15 but there was a problem.
    Every time I finish one cycle and re-enter the end, main head of the wither try to shoot the skull.
    To do AFK, I cannot switch the chicken every time I finish one cycle, how to solve this?

  25. Even with he world download and the clock well activated before, i got stuck in an infinite loop

  26. Patrikc Cruz says:

    this generator works for servers?

  27. I built this farm in creative, and i just put 2 items in the droppers to test how many loops there are per item, and ive been looping for about 2 hours now. And i just used a command to teleport back to overworld, and when i loaded the chunks with the redstone in it at the end portal, the piston powered like it was supposed to. The only thing i can think of is if my pc loads me into the overworld and back into the end to quick?

    Edit: ive just tested it on the world download and it does the same thing, i think its loading to fast

  28. when I go to the overworld I don't get tped back to the end

  29. How do u actually afk here?

  30. Does this work in 1.15.2?

  31. Tsz Ho WONG says:

    okay, now how do you get back to the overworld without getting instantly transported back to the end

  32. EggoMyLego says:

    Works just fine in 1.16 snapshots (tested in 20w11a)

  33. Mujahid Syed says:

    This is just ingenious. I really love your farms and tutorials.

  34. Tommy Bojboi says:

    Does this work in 1.15 and 1.16?

  35. Darkryst says:

    i really don't like the stuff you do. not that you're bad or anything, i find them amazing, but not useful. as you can't usually use these in Survival "servers"

  36. Ralphy105 says:

    So many items are just sitting on the hoppers even when empty and not getting picked up? what is causing this, i have never seen this before…

  37. JOB LIAR says:

    Be careful not softlock yourself in the end. It could literally ruin your survival world if it is single player.

  38. BreadGod says:

    Is there a tutorial?

  39. M33r says:

    Just so everyone knows, in 1.16 snapshow 20w21a, they changed it so you can throw items and entities through the portal and it will generate the obsidian, so you can make a much much faster farm now which I will link once Ray uploads it(if I remember to)

  40. bananaboxer says:

    I built this design in my server that is in 1.14 but every time I enter the portal he doesn't break the obsidian, instead it places and he just moves 1 block up from it and then he just flys off.

  41. wait how do u enter the end after this

  42. Olivia S. says:

    How about some TUTORIALS on these? How many people have asked in your other videos? For example- how do you even get the wither there without blowing everything up?!

  43. carl tong says:

    Just one question, so if chunk unload or a server restart, no problem, right? if there is, can it be fixes by entering the end from a teleportation point that is not within the wither's sight?

  44. in 1.16 shooting items through the end portal works again, making this farm a whole lot easier

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