How bad is this $5000 PC from 10 years ago?

August 5, 2019 by 20 Comments

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10 years ago, spending $5,000 on a PC brought you a pretty incredible experience…. but how has the last 10 years treated this EXTREME setup?

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20 Replies to “How bad is this $5000 PC from 10 years ago?”

  1. Darren Smith says:

    Deep inside our understanding of science, and the technology that spawns out of that understanding, we are capable of building a silicon-based computer thousands of times more efficient, faster and more mind-blowing than anything you can imagine right now.
    The biggest technology companies know they can do it, but the capitalist/consumer world won't allow it.
    Everything we make for a consumer world is made at the lowest possible capability. But you still need the best Marketing that money can buy to convince you of its supposed future-proofing.

  2. Trevor says:

    I still run a Q6600 based system I built in 2008 on a regular basis. I run my business software and play some older games on it. With the SSD in it, it could quite realistically function as a daily driver for my current needs.

  3. ImTooTrash says:

    Discord takes 30 percent of my cpu usage in background

  4. I had this setup, there was a review on a site called driverheaven and I bought the PC for a very good price with the proceeds going to charity.

    2x Intel QX9775 Engineering Samples (@ 4.4 Ghz – 11×400, 1.475 volts)
    3x XFX GeForce GTX 280 XXX – 1gb
    Skulltrail D5400XS motherboard
    8GB of Crucial FB DDR2 @ 800mhz (4x2GB)

    Funny thing was I only played WoW at the time and it didn't run all that well as it didn't like all the cpu threads and the triple SLI setup lol

  5. @ 3:20 Awww Linus ur killing me man! D: Bending that beautiful board like that! C'mon man, u know better than to insert ram without mounting the board first.. at least get it off the box!
    That's a massively complex multilayer board.. I feel like I just gave my hot gaming rig to my 13-yo n00b kiddie brother Cries in his beer

  6. None Tv says:

    almost 2021
    still need to sign out and cant end some tasks

  7. TechyOsprey says:

    Why is this better than my pc😐

  8. Liam McIver says:

    can i have tha copy of ghost recon 2

  9. This is so stupid. You need 32MB or 64MB to run those programs. Dumb video.

  10. Dan H says:

    I'm watching this on a 12 year old Dell lol

  11. Conor Doyle says:

    hi. Just hi 🙂


  12. Dragonslayer says:

    Hi I know you don't look at consle and stuff but are u able to tell me what a DHCP server error thing is I'm having issues with it and ive looked up what it is but still confused

  13. KawaiiKaTV says:

    10:45 linus with nothing but underwear just gave me ptsd

  14. Alex Lin says:

    Guys my mid range pre built pc from 2009 just died.

  15. Jeff Sipes says:


  16. Justin Deano says:

    My system was manufactured with Windows Vista installed… It runs better than that.. Dell XPS 435T with a 6 core Xeon Chip and 16 Gb GDDR3 Ram and a 1060 6Gb. I use 2K footage on premier and it works very well.

  17. I want dual cpus now ugh where is the tech

  18. 0:38 – "Information that I could find from 2000-8" Is that like the year 2000 but from the 8th parallel timeline?

  19. Burnningsoul says:

    Lol my first PC I bought somewhere in the mid-'90s was a Pentium 90, 250 meg drive, 3 1/4 floppy, made by a company called Zeos. The hard drive lasted about a week. Came with windows 3.11 for workgroups. 8 gigs ram. I had moved up from an Amiga 500. The PC cost just under $5000 for that Pentium 90.

  20. Nobody noticed the Drinking Bone – tracy bird cameo??

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