Minecraft Bedrock VILLAGER BREEDER TUTORIAL! | Easy, Automatic

August 19, 2019 by 20 Comments

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In this video I showcase a super simple villager breeder design that works on Minecraft Bedrock Edition (PE, Xbox, Win 10, Switch). This is nearly identical to my 1.14.3+ Villager Breeder for Minecraft Java

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20 Replies to “Minecraft Bedrock VILLAGER BREEDER TUTORIAL! | Easy, Automatic”

  1. Justin Chiao says:

    Are these villagers ok to use in an iron farm or are they linked to this village?

  2. David Hawes says:

    Is this still working, I followed it to the t but it doesn’t seem to be working?

  3. Spencer Dosh says:

    Does this work in Xbox?

  4. Zayd Quadri says:

    Does this work in Pocket Edition? I see no reason why it shouldn't, but it doesn't seem to be working…

  5. Gus Pena says:

    You should of said it had to be 80 blocks away before I built it in the middle of my village 🤦‍♂️

  6. ChowLOL says:

    My villagers won't farm and breed themselves. Help please

  7. Adrian lopez says:

    How far do you have to be from a village

  8. CloysterCube says:

    thwe farmers arent harvesting the crops even tho theyre ripe

    they also dont breed unless i give them bread

  9. Ik it’s not super ethical but go I wish you could just leash villagers

  10. 1Reflect1 says:

    Me choosing my option at the clinic after a frat party: 4:40

  11. “Place a solid block” places transparent block

  12. Rishi Reddy says:

    is there anyway to get rid of the cats

  13. He didn't show what happens to the villagers that went through the water tunnel. Do they just sit there?

  14. does it have to be carrots

  15. Anyone know if it still works? Also, anyone knows a video or tutorial on how to organize the villagers once you set up a breeder?

  16. Does it need two composters or one, as I wanted a farmer, librarian, blacksmith and a armourer, does it also need 4 workstations as I wanted to add others as well

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