Search for Vulnerable Devices Around the World with Shodan [Tutorial]

August 7, 2019 by 45 Comments

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How to Find Vulnerable Devices Online with Shodan
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Shodan is a search engine that indexes nearly every device connected to the internet. This makes it much easier to search for devices poorly set up and easy to infiltrate. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll show you how to use Shodan to search for vulnerable devices around the world, including webcams and satellites.

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45 Replies to “Search for Vulnerable Devices Around the World with Shodan [Tutorial]”

  1. me : today i want to hack some NASA files
    nullbyte : here i am !

  2. Sebastian T says:

    A week ago I was not a hacker but I watched 3 of your videos and have since become a hacker. Thank you.

  3. peep says:

    the sexual legal tension between null byte and shodan is hilarious

  4. Zakir Baig says:

    Hey 11:04, you can just press the green button with an arrow above the details on the right to navigate to that page.

  5. No one is gonna talk about that he never blinks?

  6. Nirob Bhuyan says:

    Please help
    I want to install Shodan but
    bass: easy_install : command not found
    This massage shows
    What i do now

  7. gibgib52 says:

    the ip cam at 12:30 is hosted by a free android app called ip webcam

  8. Ro ZeR says:

    Best youtube channel guys keep it up !

  9. Akash Aryan says:

    are you nervous? not blinking enough,

  10. Onion s says:

    Thanks another knowledge bro :)) btw i want to find my target what should i do and what kinds of tools is it in null byte website is have a tutorial on it?…………….. thanks

  11. Ali Sawari says:

    I really appreciate the free knowledge you're sharing, thank you !

  12. i wonder if this is the boat on taken movie lol

  13. Jason Malone says:

    so theoretically, you could utilize shodan to find local traffic signs that are connected to the internet, route your traffic through different nsats, and hypothetically change said signs to read "Watch for Dinosaurs" or something?

  14. jeffer says:

    6:29 one of those searches is not like the other

  15. Well, now it's pointless lol. Everything is locked and updated.

  16. armersuender says:

    "ohmygod, there is no password", haha.

    I also like, with no password, "you are logged in as install". solid. -_-

  17. Quagmire says:

    Is there a difference between Shodan and "Shodan Eye"?

  18. BN GAMER says:

    Some Watch Dogs thing going on here…

  19. Aditya Joshi says:

    What if I have a webcam which can be accessed from the internet connected to my router but I'm not using a static IP. Or maybe I have a webserver running on my inside network and use dynamic dns ( this should allow me to use a dynamic IP to host that website) . Will my stuff still show up on the shodan website? And what if the dynamic IP I get is being used by multiple users via NAT? ( Wouldn't some isps do that for a broadband connection?)If it doesn't show up then I guess it would be safer for people to use a dynamic IP for small home applications especially if they don't have the knowledge or time to harden security on a router or as you showed just changing the default login or just having a login in the first place!

  20. your channel should be closed because most of your viewers will cause unnecessary harm to people

  21. Testing Id says:

    Real question: can we brute force the password?

  22. R Is says:

    When ever I click on a webcam IP it just shows a white screen what do I do

  23. Zapper 237 says:

    Imagine searching webcams and finding in the screen you alone sitting staring at the screen….

  24. joseph says:

    Auxiliary aborted due to failure: bad-config: 401 Unauthorized. Your SHODAN_APIKEY is invalid

    Any solution?

  25. Man that stupid Shodan used to give me nightmares from playing System Shock alone at night on my first laptop

  26. Hey can you please tell me what distro are you using?

  27. Panash Adk says:

    that ip webcam was from an application on playstore ipwebcam. omg

  28. Someone, please help! I've been trying to get the command line of shodan but whenever I put in the code or any code that I could find to download it I get this
    "easy_install shodan

    File "<stdin>", line 1

    easy_install shodan


    SyntaxError: invalid syntax"
    can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong or guide me to a tutorial I'm new to this and have no idea what I need to fix. I've tried different versions of python but it still does not work.

  29. 12:35 That's hosted by an Android app called IP Webcam. You need to select a video renderer like "browser" to see the live feed.

  30. how to enable monitor mode in TL WN722n v2 upload video bro

  31. Aryan Thakur says:

    Is viewing webcams like that legal?

  32. Modern says:

    In my talons, I shape clay.

  33. PureLimbic says:

    In this Null Byte youtube vid, you learn how to locate and hack vulnerable devices using shodan
    In S̶o̶v̶i̶e̶t̶ ̶R̶u̶s̶s̶i̶a̶ Citadel Station, SHODAN hacks YOU!

  34. No love just feel hug btn

  35. zyeuh says:

    How would anonymity work doing this with a shodan paid account ?

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  37. I thought I was watching on 1.5 speed.

  38. Try having a staring contest with this man, you will lose.

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